The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:30 am

The power of seeing Kamala Harris get sworn in—for children and adults. (NBC)

Bernie meme mania. (Instagram)

The first children’s book by inaugural poet Amanda Gorman is already a #1 best-seller (and it’s not even out until September!). (Bookshop, Brave + Kind, Amazon)

Joe Biden prepares to reverse the first of many Trump-era restrictions on abortion, contraception, and reproductive health. (NPR)

Paid family leave might also be back under Biden/Harris. (New York Timess)

Vanessa Kirby’s stunning performance—including a 30-minute, one-shot birth scene—in Pieces of a Woman, now on Netflix. (Vogue, Esquire)

Children’s screen time has soared during the pandemic. Here’s what experts have to say. (New York Times)

How to help kids build creativity on and offline. (MOTHER)

Popular baby sleep expert Cara Dumaplin of Taking Cara Babies is getting boycotted for donating to Trump. (Today)

Gigi Hadid revealed her daughter’s name: Khai. (Instagram)

Meet Kamala Harris’ big, blended family. (The New York Times, MOTHER)

Plus: an interview with Kamala Harris’ step kids. (The New York Times)

Inspired by his daughter, this dad launched a swimwear collection for trans girls and adults. (Today, Rubies)

The current must-haves of the Georgia-based mother behind the cult-followed Brave + Kind Bookshop. (MOTHER)

In his first day in office, Biden signed an executive order banning discrimination against transgender people at school, work, and public places. (

For many victims, the symptoms of COVID-19 don’t totally go away. (New York Times)

The devastating story of a 36-year-old mother of two who died of COVID-19 soon after receiving her vaccine. (WSAZ)

Why kids might be key in reaching herd immunity. (The Atlantic)

The strikingly different ways schools are responding to the pandemic. (New York Times)

Cesar Chavez’s son, Paul Chavev, on a bust of his father now being displayed in the Oval Office. (NBC Houston)

Beautiful, portable, touchless, kid-sized hand-washing stations for public schools in need. (Nestl)

A proposed legislative bill in Nebraska would give a $2,000 tax credit to parents of stillborn babies. (Kearny Hub)

A “baby harvesting” syndicate is arrested in Ghana. (BBC)

Torrey Peters’ buzzy new book on transitioning, detransitioning, and having a baby. (NY Mag)

How one young cancer activist is enacting change years after his death. (New York Times)

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake named their second son Phineas. (E!)

Dôen’s dreamy Spring 2021 collection is here—including stuff for the kiddos. (Dôen)

The baby play gym that does it all. (MOTHER)

Louise Roe is expecting baby #2. (Instagram)

Jessica Szohr had her daughter and named her Bowie Ella. (Instagram)

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You should follow up the article about the 36-year-old that died getting the vaccine with an article about all the 36-year-olds that have died from the coronavirus. Perspective.

Eleanor Porter

I’m sorry, but does no one see the correlation between all these people that are dying and the fact they’re dying just days after getting the Covid vaccine? 🤔