The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Erin Feher
8:00 am

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Kehlani’s baby girl, Adeya, was born at home in the singer’s bathroom. (Instagram)

The father of a Sandy Hook victim committed suicide. So did two surviving Parkland teens. (The Atlantic)

The reproductive risks of being an older dad. (The New York Times)

How gender-mixing on the playground leads to more inclusive workplaces later on. (Fast Company)

New research finds moms with fussy infants are more likely to be depressed. (Medical Express)

Male birth control could actually happen…but do men really want it? (Wired)

How Instagram replaced the contacts list. (The Atlantic)

Meghan Markle’s maternity wardrobe cost half a million dollars. (PureWow)

How to educate your kids about white supremacy. (LifeHacker)

Why don’t more American men get vasectomies? (The New York Times)

The history of homework—and a growing case against it. (The Atlantic)

Save the date—we’re launching MOTHER Market on 5/5/2019! (Mother)

Why reading to your toddler in print is best. (The New York Times)

Betsy DeVos wants to cut billions of dollars from education funding. (MSNBC)

A New York suburb declares a measles emergency, barring unvaccinated children from public. (The New York Times)

Amy Schumer on how to put on socks while pregnant. (Instagram)

This therapist can help you decide if you should have kids. (Lifehacker)

If the answer is no, here are 5 books all “childfree” people should read. (BookRiot)

What are the reasons people are going “childfree”? Let Reddit explain. (Wired)

The motherhood penalty costs women $16,000 a year in lost wages. (CNBC)

Combat teenage stress with a trip to the woods. (9 & 10 News)

Inside a Japanese maternity hospital that rivals a 5-star hotel. (Sora News 24)

How to get your kids to go to sleep and stay asleep. (New York Times)

Teenagers are teaching their parents to stream, and it’s making radio nervous. (Rolling Stone)

Where are all the afro emojis? (The New York Times)

Smoking around pregnant women can be seriously harmful to their babies’ hearts. (U.S. News & World Report)

How to make an Instagram-famous cake. (The New York Times)

Scientists are trying to get robots to procreate. (Wired)

Contraceptive jewelry makes birth control a fashion statement. (New York Post)

Republicans propose a paid parental leave plan linked to social security. (The Hill)

The tricky ethics of non-invasive prenatal testing. (Wired)

Extremely preterm babies are faring better, thanks to medical advances. (Medical Xpress)

Still, black babies born premature receive worse health care than babies of other races. (UPI)

Dax Shepard is a good dad with a chip on his shoulder. (Fatherly)

Liberal societies are clocking dangerously low birth rates. (The Atlantic)

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Caterina Scorsone on her daughter’s Down Syndrome diagnosis. (People)

How a 20-year city councilwoman balances motherhood, college, work, and politics. (KQED)

Georgia’s 6-week abortion ban is even more terrifying that it seems. (The Cut)

Identical twins who look nothing alike. (The Atlantic)

The rise of the mom-shaming resistance, led by #unicornmoms. (Elle)

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