The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
3:30 pm

Photo Via People

Keira Knightley is pregnant with her second child. (People)

Who is coming to MOTHER Market this weekend?! (Mother)

A new study finds women’s pay drops 30% after giving birth to a first child (and never catches up). Meanwhile, men receive a pay bump. (CNBC)

The number of kids that makes parents happiest. (The Atlantic)

Motherhood is a white-hot literary genre—25 buzzy books on the subject out now. (Mother)

Halima Aden becomes the first Sports Illustrated model to wear a hijab and burkini. (CNN)

When there’s a measles outbreak and your baby is too young to vaccinate. (The New York Times)

Rodney King’s daughter, Lora King, launches a scholarship to celebrate Black fathers. (LA Sentinel)

The absolutely heartbreaking words of a father who lost his 11-year-old “perfect son” in the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks. (San Diego Tribune)

When a transgender child’s rights are disputed by one parent. (National Post)

Hoda Kotb on raising her daughters to be courageous and vulnerable. (People)

Trump’s dangerous lies about abortion, told to a huge crowd in Wisconsin. (Vice)

The moms who met online…in 1993. (The Atlantic)

Blake Lively is pregnant with baby #3. (Elle)

The “lady backpack” is on the rise. (The Atlantic)

Hatch launched a cool new maternity swim collection. (Hatch)

If you’re being spammed with ads for egg-freezing, you’re not alone. (The New York Times)

The underlying messages that screen-time recommendations send parents. (The Atlantic)

Pink opens up about her miscarriage at age 17. (USA Today)

Your May horoscope is here! What’s in store for you this month? (Mother)

Affordable mommy-and-me duds by H&M. (H&M)

Chrissy Teigen raises awareness for maternal mental health. (Today)

Why it’s important to talk about prenatal depression. (The New York Times)

The baby “top knot” turbans selling like hotcakes. (New York Magazine)

A new dental center welcoming kids in wheelchairs. (The New York Times)

Charlize Theron on raising “two beautiful proud black African girls,” one of whom is transgender. (People)

The mystery of a baby’s first words. (The Atlantic)

AMC Theaters are offering $4 Wednesday matinees (including popcorn and a drink) for kids all summer long. (AMC)

Meanwhile, Planet Fitness is offering teens aged 15-18 free membership this summer. (Planet Fitness)

Nearly half of college students are going hungry. (The New York Times)

Savannah Guthrie on the “luxury” of having kids in her 40s. (USA Today)

Mariah Carey celebrates her twins eighth birthday with some never-seen-before birth photos. (Instagram)

An emotional video shows the reunion of Offset and his father after 23 years of separation. (XXL)

Research finds premature birth might be tied to kidney disease later on. (The New York Times)

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