The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
11:00 am

Photo via IMDB

The Will Smith-starring biopic on Richard Williams (dad of Venus and Serena) looks incredible. (CNET, CNN)

A graphic of abortion restrictions across the U.S. (NBC)

Mark you calendars! The fantastic Christian Robinson for Target line is out August 15! (Target)

The risk assessment of raising unvaccinated kids while the Delta variant rages. (Time, The New York Times, Bloomberg)

Will Kindergarten enrollment continue to fall? (NPR)

A 107-year-old survivor of The Tulsa Race Massacre (and her 100-year-old brother) head to Africa. (The Atlanta Voice)

Why sex talks with kids should start early. (The New York Times)

Arthur, the longest-running animated kids’ series, is ending. (NPR)

Watch a teaser for the new Pedro Almodóvar film Parallel Mothers, starring Penelope Cruz. (Indie Wire)

Three moms give their take on Bobbie, the new organic European-style infant formula taking over the market. Plus, we’ve got an exclusive 25% off discount code! Check out the reviews and offer. (MOTHER)

Meet the professional women who are “leaning out.” (The Atlantic)

RIP to iconic children’s author-illustrator Floyd D Cooper Jr. (GoFundMe)

What ending affirmative action at U.S. colleges looks like. (The Atlantic)

When men struggle with postpartum depression. (The New York Times)

Adorable back-to-school clothing ideas. (MOTHER)

Joshua Jackson on raising his daughter (with Jodie Turner-Smith) in his childhood home. (Mr. Porter)

Allyson Felix’s new Pelaton ad is all about being a mom. (Instagram)

Your August horoscope is live! (MOTHER)

Halsey introduced her baby, Ender Ridley. (Instagram)

Explaining the declining U.S. birth rate. (NPR)

The vicious cycle of perfectionism in families. (The Atlantic)

In case you didn’t know, “mommy brain” is real. (The New York Times)

The enormous life decision of deciding to have kids (or not). (Vox)

Meet Simone Biles’ supportive parents. (Women’s Health)

A Philly mama of two invites us over to her love-filled home. (MOTHER)

Why so many mothers in Senegal resort to infanticide. (The Guardian)

Teens around the world are lonelier than they were a decade ago. Are smartphones to blame? (The Washington Post)

A baby in Israel was born with a “twin fetus” in her stomach. (Live Science)

An impressive device, built by teens, that allows people who use wheelchairs to stroll their babies. (CNN)

Jamie Lee Curtis reveals that her youngest child is transgender. (AARP)

The link between motherhood and dental problems. (The Atlantic)

Tips for getting kids back on a solid back-to-school sleep schedule. (ABC)



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