THE MOTHERLODE: OUr Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
11:00 am

Photo Via Instagram

Cardi B had her baby girl and named her Kulture Kiari. (Instagram)

Stop everything you’re doing and watch Nanette on Netflix. (Netflix)

Earlier this year, the Trump administration combated a World Health Assembly proposal encouraging breastfeeding around the world, reportedly because of his relationship with formula companies. (The New York Times, Vox)

Only 57 immigrant children under the age of 5 have been reunited with their parents after being separated at the border. (The Cut)

Detaining immigrants is now a billion-dollar industry. (ABC)

Why black babies are twice as likely to die as white babies before age 1. (NPR)

Preparing for fourth trimester care, in a nutshell. (The New York Times)

In her fourth tournament since having her daughter, Serena Williams is back in the Wimbledon finals this weekend. (BBC, The New Yorker)

When your child is a psychopath. (The Atlantic)

Only 7% of Brits in a local survey felt mothers with children under 5 should have full-time jobs. (BBC)

The “pay-your-age” promotion at Build-A-Bear is causing chaos. (The Cut)

Storq and Earth Tu Face teamed up on a belly oil. (Storq)

The extinction of the “middle child.” (The Cut)

The rise and fall of the family roadtrip. (The Atlantic)

Parental controls don’t necessarily stop kids from seeing porn. (Science Daily)

A glowing review of Eighth Grade. (The Atlantic)

A mom speaks out after her 11-year-old black son is pulled over by police on the first day of his paper boy duty for appearing “suspicious.” (Facebook, Teen Vogue)

What babies know about their bodies and themselves. (The New York Times)

Halle Berry on growing up mixed race and deciding to reveal her son’s face on social media. (People)

The overlooked emotions of sperm donation. (The Atlantic)

Kylie Jenner pierced her 5-month-old’s ears and some folks are up in arms. (People)

How to raise a generous child. (The Atlantic)

The Handmaid’s Tale finale gutted us. (NPR)

Lovevery Baby launched subscription play kits. (Lovevery Baby)

Meanwhile, StitchFix launched StitchFix Kids. (StitchFix)

Artist Jenny Saville on being inspired by motherhood. (Vulture)

A case for ditching the baby shower for a “postpartum party.” (Bust)

How Kool-Aid is staying relevant for teens. (Forbes)

Turns out Keyshia Cole isn’t pregnant. (People)

Asking kids to dream up their own machine, and then building it. (Forbes)

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