The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:50 pm

Photo Via GoFundMe

The stories behind the women—many of them Asian mothers—tragically murdered in Atlanta. (GoFundMe, The New York Times)

How racism and sexism intertwine to torment Asian-American women. (The New York Times)

Why this wave of anti-Asian racism feels different. (The Atlantic)

A reminder to watch the PBS documentary Asian Americans, and learn about the long history of racism against the AAPI community in the U.S. (PBS)

Beyoncé makes history as the most decorated Grammy winner ever, and Blue Ivy makes history as the second youngest Grammy winner. (

The CDC approves 3-feet social distancing with masking for elementary schools. (The New York Times)

Ilana Glazer is pregnant, and also starring in a thriller about IVF. (ET, The Cut)

A father’s emotional speech about his transgender daughter when asking Missouri lawmakers to stop discriminating against trans kids. (Them)

How shifting to virtual learning might strengthen schools for the long-term. (The Atlantic)

Michelle Obama on looming retirement and her new Netflix kids’ show. (Today)

Living paycheck to paycheck, and diaper to diaper. (The New York Times)

After a mother in Florida was vaccinated, her baby was born with antibodies. (Popular Science)

Fauci says vaccinating young kids could happen in early 2022. (CNBC)

An argument for visiting grandparents this summer. (The Atlantic)

How the pandemic spotlighted the disparities between child care workers and teachers. (The New York Times)

Katherine McPhee reveals she named her baby boy Rennie David. (Today)

Pippa Middleton had a girl, Grace Elizabeth Jane. (People)

Storq’s new hot pants/sleep shorts aren’t just for sleeping. (Storq)

Demands for a Biden task force devoted to the economic recovery of moms. (CNBC)

Nearly half of parents say their teens have faced new or worsening mental health issues during the pandemic. (CNN)

Alicia Keys on raising Capricorn sons, device-free Sundays, and more. (Allure)

The year grandparents lost. (The New York Times)

The inspiring story of a Girl Scouts troop for girls without homes. (The Lily)

Karlie Kloss had her baby. (People)

Emily Ratajkowski shared pics from her child’s birth. (Instagram)

Will you miss your pandemic cocoon? You’re not alone. (The Atlantic)

The current upgraded sweatsuit of our dreams. (Rachel Pally)

Matching your top to your mask is now a thing and we are here for it. (Taylor Jay)

Instagram will restrict adults from DM’ing teens who don’t follow them. (Engadget)

An inspiring St. Louis non-profit helping historically underserved teens. (NBC)

R.I.P. Marie Mongan, the mother of hypnobirthing. (The New York Times)

Moderna has given its first vaccine shots to kids, as part of a safety and effectiveness study. (NPR)

Private NYC school Grace Church School has asked its community to replace the use of “mom and dad” with “grown-ups, folks, or family” or to use “people” instead of “boys and girls” in a new Inclusive Language Guide. (USA Today)

All about the masterfully acted film, The Father, about a daughter and her father with dementia. (NPR)

The link between a rise in “workism” and falling fertility rates. (Yahoo!)

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