The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
3:45 pm

Photo Via ABC Houston

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, here are some ways to help. (Texas Diaper Bank, Undies For Everyone, CNN)

DREAMers with kids prepare for the worst. (Vox)

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg welcomed a second daughter, named August. (Facebook)

Jay-Z explains why he and Beyonce chose the baby names Rumi and Sir. (Rap Radar, People)

Raising an “un-Trump.” (Salon)

The lonely terror of postpartum anxiety. (The Cut)

Over the past four decades, the average age of U.S. fathers at the time of their child’s birth has increased from 27.4 to 30.9-years-old. (Live Science)

What the American public wants from schools. (The Atlantic)

Potty training your toddler in 22 easy steps. (Time)

Raising kids who stick up for their marginalized peers. (Lifehacker)

A glimpse into the lives of mothers in 56 countries. (Mums of the World)

The Honest Company x The Great. (My Domaine)

Looking into the future when your child has Autism. (The New York Times)

Lake Bell on how motherhood fuels her creativity. (People)

25 great audiobooks for elementary kids. (Book Riot)

Louise Roe is pregnant. (Instagram)

How schoolchildren will cope with Hurricane Harvey. (The Atlantic)

A glimmer of hope in the fight against school bullying. (The New York Times)

Nicole and Michael Phelps are expecting baby #2. (Instagram)

How a baby’s race affects its level of care in the California NICU. (SF Gate)

A study finds breastfeeding might lower the risk of endometriosis. (The New York Times)

How to rebound when you forget the name of your friend’s baby. (The Cut)

Sofía Vergara’s ex-fiancé is probably going to lose the fight to get custody of their frozen embryos. (Slate)

In praise of mediocre kids. (Boston Magazine)

When your lactation consultant denies you formula. (The Atlantic)

Adventures in co-living. (The New York Times)

Jack and Lisa Osbourne are expecting a third child. (Instagram)

Bkr debuted kid-sized water bottles. (Bkr)

This is how much kids are worth (when you’re older and need taken care of). (Bloomberg)

Lack of sleep tied to diabetes in kids. (Reuters)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest family pic. (Instagram)

The founder of Bonpoint’s third act. (The New York Times)

George Clooney calls parenthood terrifying. (USA Today)

“Top of the Lake: China Girl,” a six-hour exploration of motherhood featuring Nicole Kidman and Elisabeth Moss. (Variety)

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