The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
4:30 pm

Photo Via Pop Sugar

The hilarious texts between Michelle Obama and her mother on Grammys night. (Instagram)

How stress is hurting kids’ health. (Quartz)

A video of Cardi B’s labor is released online. (Vulture)

When wanting to be pregnant is not simply a yes or no decision. (The New York Times)

A year later, why the next Parkland could happen anywhere. (The Atlantic)

Saving kids from guns—the most promising strategies, according to experts. (The Trace)

What it’s like to go back to school after a shooting. (The Atlantic)

Far from the Parkland spotlight, teens in East Oakland talk about gun violence in their community. (KQED)

What you and your family need to know about maternal depression. (The New York Times)

How teachers across America are ushering in a new era of labor activism. (The Atlantic)

The value of childhood crushes. (The New York Times)

American kids are supposedly speaking with British accents, thanks to Peppa Pig. (People)

A new amendment requires French schools to replace the words “mother and father” with “parent 1 and 2.” (The Telegraph)

Andy Cohen and his newborn son are on the cover of People. (People)

How to make time with your loved ones count. (The New York Times)

Uproar over a “Cheat Day” lunchbox marketed to young girls. (Good Morning America)

A pediatrician’s experience with Vitamin K anti-vaxxers. (NY Review of Books)

How pricey childcare in the U.S. is becoming a serious economic problem. (Slate)

Lululemon is now offering 3 to 6 months of paid leave to all new parents. (Bloomberg)

The discrimination facing an infertile couple in rural Uganda. (The Atlantic)

Inside a for-profit detention center where 1,600 migrant children are being held. (Reuters)

How to help teens weather their emotional storms. (The New York Times)

A study finds nearly 1 in 7 American children has a mental health condition, but only half go treated. (KSL)

The U.K.’s largest group of pediatricians will no longer take money from baby formula companies. (Quartz)

Deciding not to tell your kids about a terminal diagnosis. (The Atlantic)

When parenting is boring. (The New York Times)

Octavia Spencer and Anne Hathaway to star in a The Witches remake. (ET)

Richard Gere, 69, welcomed a new baby boy. (CNN)

The CDC is blaming a spike in teen tobacco use on vaping and the popularity of Juul. (CNBC)

Hungary to give women with 4 or more kids life-long tax exemption. (Washington Post)

How access to tech can put girls on par with boys. (The New York Times)

The YouTube videos helping pregnant women go to sleep. (The Washington Post)

A study finds boys with attention issues at age 6 might make less money as adults. (The New York Times)

Teaching kids about giving. (Psychology Today)

In praise of Maurice Sendak. (The New York Times)

How some teens are going around their parents’ backs and getting vaccinated. (GQ)

New York’s toddler art star. (The Cut)

When sex is excruciating, and your doctor does nothing. (The Atlantic)

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