The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Erin Feher
11:18 am

Photo Via Instagram

Just 10 months after giving birth to baby #2, Miranda Kerr is expecting her third child. (Metro UK, Instagram)

Hearts break everywhere for mother-of-two Lauren London after the murder of her fiancé, Nipsey Hussle. (Instagram)

Pinterest-perfect godparent proposals are the new social media phenomenon. (Glamour)

Teen boys rated their female classmates based on looks. The girls fought back. (The Washington Post)

Amber Rose is expecting baby boy #2. (Instagram)

When a couple disagrees on what to do about an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. (The Atlantic)

The moms taking on the NRA. (Harper’s Bazaar)

A 61-year-old surrogate births her own granddaughter. (Instagram)

Target launches a new line of sensory-friendly home decor, including weighted blankets and a hideaway tent. (Target)

Jimmy Fallon announces his third children’s book, titled This Is Baby. (People)

The #IMomSoHard Universe of Spanx, Wine, and Swimsuits. (Jezebel)

A hospital in California secretly recorded at least 1,800 women during surgery and childbirth. (The New York Times)

Many pregnant women in Japan aren’t gaining enough weight, and their babies could be at risk. (CNN)

Crazy Rich Asians star Harry Shum Jr. and his wife Shelby Rabara had their baby girl and named her Xia. (People)

How her 3-year-old daughter’s death convinced Barbara Bush to be pro-choice. (People)

Hilaria Baldwin announced on Instagram that she is in the midst of a likely miscarriage. (Instagram)

A new bill designed to protect kids from sex and violence in media would force changes on YouTube and Netflix. (Fortune)

Adding AI into the IVF process could mean more viable embryos, quicker. (Wired)

Amy Schumer on feeling strong and beautiful during her pregnancy. (Instagram)

Why babies shouldn’t snooze in car seats unless you’re driving. (Happiest Baby)

How “un-sexing” pregnancy can help with gender inequality. (The Washington Post)

A former Planned Parenthood director who now opposes abortion made a movie. (ABC7 News)

5 ways to combat “Senioritis.” (The New York Times)

Michelle Williams talks about parenting her daughter Matilda, 13, without her father, Heath Ledger, who would have been 40 yesterday. (People)

The power of imagination, and other parenting lessons from Calvin and Hobbes. (The Washington Post)

A former Netflix executive sues, alleging that she was fired after she announced her pregnancy. (Variety)

A cute kids-themed Easter sale. (Bitte)

Janet Jackson thanks her 2-year-old son Eissa for showing her the meaning of real love. (People)

Why many home-schoolers aren’t vaccinating, and what to do about it. (The New York Times)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend get matching tattoos in honor of their kids. (Instagram)

Kim Kardashian West wants a CBD-themed baby shower for her fourth baby-to-be. (People)

A woman with two wombs gives birth twice, nearly a month apart. (CNN)

The real reasons colleges cling to legacy preferences. (The Atlantic)

All of the things that hurt women’s success in the workplace. (Harper’s Bazaar)

Aoki Lee Simmons, daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons, is headed to Harvard at 16-years-old. (Instagram)

Mindy Kaling shows off her passion for mommy-and-me PJs. (Instagram)

Giant inflatable breasts are popping up around London to celebrate breastfeeding in public. (Fatherly)

Medela teams up with pumping pod maker Mamava to make life easier for moms coming back to work. (Medela)

All you need to know about The Act, Hulu’s new true-crime mini-series about one of the more twisted mother-daughter relationships in recent history. (Harper’s Bazaar)

Justin Bieber didn’t get the memo that April Fools Day pregnancy pranks are not cool anymore. (CNN)

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