The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
3:08 pm

Photo Via Vogue UK

Naomi Campbell and her daughter are on the cover of British Vogue. (Vogue UK)

Police were caught on video cuffing and pinning a Black 14-year-old to the ground, while the white teen who picked a fight with him was left unrestrained. (Ben Crump, NBC)

Just in time for the Day of Remembrance (February 19), a poignant children’s book about living life—and finding love—at a Japanese incarceration camp in the 1940s. (MOTHER)

What to know about the delay in getting kids under 5 vaccinated. (The New York Times)

Teens on how their lives have been interrupted by COVID. (The New Yorker)

TheSkimm is asking companies to publicize their paid family leave policy—and it’s working. (TheSkimm)

100+ great Black History books for kids. (MOTHER)

The father of Parkland school shooting victim Jamie Guttenberg on the heartbreaking “what if’s” he thinks about on the 4th anniversary of her death. (Today)

The father of Parkland victim Joaquin Oliver on raising awareness about the horrific rate of gun violence in the U.S. (CNN)

A photo essay of parents and their babies on Zoom meetings. (The New York Times)

Why kids as young as 7-years-old are afraid to ask for help. (Scientific American)

How to soothe a baby in 18 seconds. (Newsweek x TikTok)

Candace Parker and Anna Petrakova welcomed their baby boy, Airr Larry. (Instagram)

Adriana Lima is expecting her third child. (TikTok)

The hidden mothers in family photos. (The New Yorker)

Embracing the divided attention that working in lockdown—with kids—requires. (Elle)

How this mom and hydropower CEO is talking to her daughter about the climate crisis. (MOTHER)

What if we respected toddlers as whole people? (The New York Times)

Meet the doctor helping kids with autism adapt to adulthood. (NPR)

What reality TV reveals about motherhood. (The Atlantic)

The tobacco giant that won’t stop funding anti-smoking programs for kids. (TIME)

The story of a teen TikTok star, her stalker, and the night her dad killed him. (The New York Times)

Mike Mills takes on parenthood in C’mon C’mon. (The Monthly)

The mother of Olympic star Eileen Gu on how she’s raised her daughter. (Next Shark)

Olympic skater Karen Chen on wearing her mother’s designs on the ice. (The New York Times)

Slutty Vegan CEO Pinky Cole on entrepreneurship and motherhood. (BET)

Brenda Song on how parenthood has changed her. (E!)

Do you know what’s in your prenatal vitamin? (The New York Times)

Thanks to a collaboration with Radio Flyer, the Tesla Cyberquad for kids is here. (YouTube)

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