The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
2:50 pm

Photo via Teen Vogue

Natalia Bryant, daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, graces the cover of Teen Vogue. (Teen Vogue)

Poignant tales of children who lost their parents on 9/11. (NPR)

The U.S. is seeing a record number of children hospitalized with COVID. (The Cut)

Cardi B had her baby boy. (Instagram)

How Boomer parenting fueled Millennial burnout. (The Atlantic)

All about the fabulous new book, Baby, Unplugged. (MOTHER, Good Morning America)

Another fascinating new book, Designing Motherhood, takes on the design elements of pregnancy, child birth, and new motherhood. (Bookshop, Amazon)

The late, great Michael K. Williams will live on in a criminal justice reform bill named after him in New York. (NY Post)

Teachers are witnessing the trauma children have endured during the pandemic. (The Atlantic)

Alicia Vikander revealed she and Michael Fassbender had a baby earlier this year. (People)

Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant with her first child. (CNN)

Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child. (Instagram)

Jane Roe’s baby (from the famous Roe vs. Wade case) tells her story. (The Atlantic)

The keys to staying connected to your kids during this pandemic school year. (CNN)

The Delta variant, COVID, and babies—what you need to know. (NPR)

When a hate group targets your kid online. (The New York Times)

New research takes on the “absent Black father” narrative. (UCLA Law Review)

The number of educated women having babies outside of marriage is rising. (The Hill)

How discrimination leads to the “motherhood penalty.” (Forbes)

Women in STEM careers battle the “motherhood penalty” before they even become moms. (Yahoo!)

Embarrassing questions about pregnancy…and their answers! (MOTHER)

After fertility struggles, Nabela Noor is pregnant! (Instagram)

This is what the end of affirmative action looks like. (The Atlantic)

When a child’s disability leads to a parent’s expansion. (MOTHER)

16 things to remember at college. (The Atlantic)

A bully student will be charged for assaulting a classmate draped in a gay pride flag. (ABC)

50+ fun pieces to refresh your bathroom. (MOTHER)

How teachers are scrambling to fill in lost learning gaps. (The Atlantic)

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are maybe having a baby. (The Cut)

Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy are expecting their first baby. (People)

Jennifer Love Hewitt had her third child, a son named Aidan James. (Instagram)

The founder of Cleobella shares her earthy mom-of-two must-haves. (MOTHER)

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