THE MOTHERLODE: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:00 pm

Photo by Morgan Pansing

Get inspired to VOTE on Tuesday with Morgan Pansing’s #VoteYourChange photography campaign. (Instagram)

Rabbis across America talk to children about responding to hate. (The New York Times)

Remedying the black maternal health crisis by getting Stacey Abrams elected in Georgia. (The Atlantic)

Hilary Duff had her baby girl and named her Banks Violet. (Instagram)

Making your house the “go-to” spot for your kids and their friends. (The New York Times)

Racist Halloween costumes on American college campuses keep on going. (The Atlantic)

Fathers who are 45 and older are more likely to have babies with health problems. (Newsweek)

The rise of the 4-letter baby name. (Quartz)

A new study finds “manipulative and disruptive” advertising is the norm on apps for kids. (The Atlantic)

Crocs go after teens and teens oblige. (Vox)

Mindy Kaling shares a first glimpse at her daughter. (Instagram)

Prince Harry took an adorable pic of Meghan Markle holding her baby bump. (Today)

When you have a young family and a long commute. (The New York Times)

IHOP’s new Grinch-inspired holiday menu. (USA Today)

How unions help moms take maternity leave. (The Atlantic)

If you haven’t watched it yet, flip on Quincy, an impressive Netflix documentary on Quincy Jones, co-directed by his daughter Rashida. (Netflix)

“Mom books” written by women of color. (The Cut)

Are we still teaching reading the “wrong” way? (The New York Times)

Zoe Kravitz recreated her mom’s iconic nude Rolling Stone cover. (Harper’s Bazaar)

If she wins, Angie Craig will be the first lesbian mom in Congress. (InStyle)

Countries that ban spanking kids are less likely to be violent. (USA Today)

Kerry Washington corrects Today and says she is a mother of three. (People)

R.L. Stine and others on the everlasting joy of terrifying children. (The Atlantic)

It happened. These parents named their daughter Harland, after KFC founder Colonel Sanders, and got a $11,000 check. (ABC)

In a medical first, two moms carried their same baby. (NY Post)

Fun Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs. (Washington Post)

Why some sports parents behave so badly. (The New York Times)

Carey Mulligan would like childcare on set. (Bollywood Life)

Why millions of teens can’t finish their homework. (The Atlantic)

Today’s teens are stressed out about mass shootings. (Vox)

How children learn to recognize faces. (The New York Times)

A new campaign to help fund SIDS research. (First Steps for SIDS)

A warning about kids and toppling dressers. (Popular Science)

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