The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:30 pm

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are almost surely on their way to the White House—all hail Stacey Abrams and the tireless work she’s done to assure voter rights in Georgia. (ABC, Vox)

COVID-19 cases amongst U.S. children reaches a record high. (NBC)

NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns on the devastating death of his 58-year-old mother from COVID-19. (YouTube, ESPN)

In her cover story for British Vogue, Beyoncé says the pandemic has made her slow down and focus on family time. (Vogue)

Grasping for an identity outside of motherhood during the pandemic. (Time)

The differing concerns of upper income and lower income families when it comes to education during the pandemic. (Ed Surge, Pew Research Center)

Em Rata is pregnant. Here’s why she’s not revealing the gender of her child. (Vogue, Instagram)

The vast expansion of child detention under Trump’s orders. (The Marshall Project)

Shakira pens an essay demanding migrant children be reunited with their families. (Time)

New parents Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix also speak on the horror of family separation. (People)

In case you missed it, Chloe Sevigny posed for the new Playgirl, naked and preggers. (Instagram)

Our Holiday Gift Guides are here! Starting with 50 gifts for new and expecting mamas! (MOTHER)

“Baby Shark” became YouTube’s most viewed video of all time. (CNN)

A new study founds that pregnant women are three times more likely than a non-pregnant person to be admitted to an intensive care unit if they have COVID-19. (The New York Times)

If you haven’t watched it yet—Time is a powerful documentary on Amazon Prime about a mother raising 6 sons solo after her husband is imprisoned. (The New York Times)

The miraculous rescue of a 3-year-old pulled from a collapsed building after Turkey’s earthquake. (NBC)

Being out and proud as an LGBTQ family. (MOTHER)

Kerry Washington on talking to her kids about politics. (People)

PEN15 star Maya Erskine is pregnant. (Instagram)

The 200 hottest baby names of 2020. (MOTHER)

Also: November-inspired baby names. (Cosmo)

An adoptive father’s Trump dilemma. (The Atlantic)

A U.K. study reports that living with children does not give you a higher risk of getting COVID-19. (CNBC)

Say her name: Dr. Chaniece Wallace, an Indiana-based pediatrics doctor who died two days after a C-section delivery of her daughter. (People)

A researcher’s devotion to addressing the Black maternal health crisis. (UConn)

The dangers of authoritarian parenting. (Insider)

The heartbreaking story of 17-year-old Elvia Ramirez, the youngest victim of COVID-19 in North Dakota. (The New York Times)

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir are expecting a baby boy. (Instagram)

Inside the minimalist nursery and self-care routine of mama-to-be jewelry designer Sophie Monet. (MOTHER)

Ashlee Ross Evans revealed a pic of her newborn baby boy, Ziggy Blu. (Instagram)

Joanna Gaines’ new children’s book, The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be, is out next week. (Bookshop, Amazon)

If you’re into matching holiday PJs for the whole family… (Old Navy, Hanna Andersson)

Take a look at this fantastical Harry Potter-inspired wardrobe a dad built for his daughter. (Facebook)

Teens who spend less time in front of screens and more time in extracurricular activities report better mental health. (CNN)

The terrifying story of a young family who tried to outrun a wildfire in Washington. (KOMO News)

One mother’s argument for sheltering her kids for as long as she can. (Salon)

Young YouTube influencers are increasingly marketing junk food brands to other kids. (CNN)

New research finds Neanderthals weaned their babies at about the same age as modern humans do. (U.S. News & World Report)

Sam Smith says they wants to become a “mommy” by the time they’re 35. (ET)

A new exhibit in Ohio puts artists who are mothers in the spotlight. (The Lantern)

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