The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:30 pm

Photo Via Instagram

Save the date for Amanda Gorman on Sesame Street. (Instagram, Muppet Fandom)

Rihanna shared her first pregnant selfie. (Instagram)

Librarians and students are pushing back after racist, homophobic book bans looming over Texas schools. (NBC, The Atlantic)

The COVID vaccine for kids under 5 is on track to debut this month. (NPR)

How the pandemic’s uncertainty is weighing on kids. (The New York Times)

10 years after the murder of Trayvon Martin, his mother, Sybrina Fulton, has released a new book: Trayvon: Ten Years Later: A Mother’s Essay. (Mashable, Amazon)

All about mom rage. (Vice)

Why the metaverse could be a serious problem for kids. (CNBC)

Parallel Mothers star Penelope Cruz on her own motherhood experience. (Harper’s Bazaar)

Over 50 sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for kids of all ages. (MOTHER)

There’s a new series of kids’ books seeking to turn conservative icons into bedtime reading material. (The New York Times)

Cheslie Kryst’s mother discusses her daughter’s “high-functioning depression” after her shocking suicide. (People)

A burnt-out college student on why she is not proof of the American dream. (The New York Times)

Getting honest about schools being needed for education and child care. (Vox)

Da Brat and her fiancée Jesseca Dupart are expecting their first baby together. (Instagram)

Insecure producer Prentice Penny will direct an adaptation of the beloved YA graphic novel New Kid for Universal Pictures. (Deadline)

Kaavia James Union-Wade has a new line with Janie and Jack. (Janie and Jack)

A sweet new book about sibling rivalry by award-winning illustrator Jaime Kim. (MOTHER)

Stephen Curry’s first kids’ book, I Have A Superpower, is available for pre-order. (Amazon)

Alice, Maja, Vera, Alma, Selma—and the other top baby names in Sweden. (The Local, SCB)

Best-selling author-illustrator Grace Lin on her mom-of-one essentials. (MOTHER)

Alicia Keys on her self-care rituals. (People)

When parents get COVID vaccines, the protection extends to their kids. (LA Times)

Shaq’s mom on how he was drafted into the NBA. (Today)

Your February 2022 horoscope is here! (MOTHER)

How to figure out if you really want kids. (Elle)

Debates rage over whether kids should wear masks at school. (NPR)

The current spike in pediatric croup could be linked to the Omicron variant. (Scientific American)

Research finds pregnant women with COVID are unlikely to transmit it to their babies. (Bloomberg)

The devastating loss of pre-teens and teens who died from unintentional drug overdoses. (CNN)

More than a dozen HBCU’s received bomb threats on the first day of Black History Month. (NBC)

What college students really think about cancel culture. (The Atlantic)

There’s now Elmo and Cookie Monster-themed Nugget couches. (Nugget)

Nicki Minaj on motherhood and her new music post-baby. (YouTube)

Uyghur children recall the physical and mental torment of attending Chinese boarding schools in Xinjiang. (NPR)

All about food allergies in babies and toddlers. (WRAL)

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