The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
1:45 pm

We did not publish The Motherlode last week, so today’s edition is a double-dose!

Teyana Taylor had her second baby girl, Rue Rose, whom she also delivered at home in the bathroom. (Instagram)

The country marks nineteen years after the devastation of 9/11 in a profoundly changed world. (The New York Times)

If you haven’t watched it yet—a 2018 documentary about some of the children who lost parents in the 9/11 attacks. (YouTube)

How to talk to kids about racism and police. (The Atlantic)

The tragic death of actor Chadwick Boseman rocks the globe, while children host their own heartbreaking funerals for the Black Panther. (Hollywood Reporter)

The child-care crisis for essential workers continues. (The Atlantic)

A pyrotechnic device at a gender reveal party created a horrifying California wildfire that’s burned nearly 14,000 acres. (NBC)

Nearly one in eight American households don’t have enough to eat. Here are the stories and portraits of some of them. (The New York Times)

A record half a million U.S. children have been diagnosed with COVID-19. (CNN)

Just before midnight and holding her 1-month-old baby, California Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks made a Capitol floor speech that became a visual reminder of the toll on parents during the pandemic. (Politico)

How three different countries—Mexico, South Korea, and Greece—are educating children in 2020. (NPR)

Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn named their newborn daughter Lyra Antarctica. (CBS)

Emma Roberts is expecting a baby boy. (Instagram)

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin had their fifth child together and named him Eduardo Pau Lucas. (Instagram)

Hanna Andersson’s PJ-centric Halloween shop is now open! (Hanna Andersson)

How to keep your kids engaged on Zoom. (The Lily)

Potty-training newborns. It can happen. (ABC)

Usher to be a “new” dad again. (E!, Us)

Channing Tatum’s first children’s book, The One and Only Sparkerella, is dedicated to his daughter. (Amazon, CNN)

Jamie Foxx and his daughter got the green light for their Netflix comedy series “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.” (Deadline)

The terrifying moment a 3-year-old was swept into the air by a kite in Taiwan. (NY Daily News)

Celebrating neurodiversity in the classroom. (The Atlantic)

A fight against heteronormative paperwork for families. (The New York Times)

How some grandparents are easing the burden of homeschooling. (The Atlantic)

Some teens are experiencing lower anxiety thanks to distance learning. (Healthline)

A study finds teens are less likely to become cyberbullies if they think their parents are loving. (NYU)

How one Ohio dad is building desks for kids in need. (ABC)

Chloe Sevigny on wanting a girl (but having a boy), newborn time management, and more. (MSN, W)

Gigi Hadid reveals more fancy maternity photos. (Instagram)

How and why to keep kids active while learning from home. (The American Heart Association)

The story of one sperm donor, 36 children, and a mess of lawsuits. (The Atlantic)

Navigating the loss of a loved one—with your child—during the pandemic. (The New York Times)

Keys to helping dads be there for their children even when they don’t have custody. (NC University)

NPR’s new series, Learning Curve, profiles parents at home. (NPR)

Katy Perry showcased postpartum realness for the VMAs. Also, she’s working on a documentary about her journey to motherhood. (E!, MSN)

A new collab collection filled with mommy-and-me threads, plus the house dress of our dreams. (Doen x Heather Taylor Home)

Saucony has partnered with the Boston Children’s Hospital for a charitable line of sneakers designed by child patients. (Saucony)

The healing power of garden class. (The Atlantic)

How one Baltimore teacher is turning Black teens into YA book authors. (The Atlantic)

A children’s book that tackles having a parent with a chronic illness. (The Mighty, Amazon)

A Brooklyn family’s horror during a no-knock raid of their home. (NY Daily News)

63% of parents say teens’ social media use has increased during COVID-19. (Tech Republic)

A science class for kids who think they don’t like science. (The Atlantic)

Why sign language is vital for all deaf babies. (The Conversation)

Inside Chrissy Teigen’s over-the-top homeschool set-up. (Twitter)

A Dutch exhibit allows parents to design their own babies. (Reuters)

Mourning back-to-school traditions. (The Atlantic)

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