The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
11:00 am

Photo Via Instagram/@chancetherapper

Chance The Rapper and wife Kirsten Corley welcomed a new baby girl, Marli. (Instagram)

A 9/11 widow on raising her daughters alone. (The Atlantic)

A new study about teens, depression, and social media. (Technology Review)

The problem with smartphones and parenting. (The New York Times)

Navigating the intense private vs. public school debate as a parent. (The Atlantic)

Mariah Carey—she’s just like us. (People)

Trump gets roasted for calling his child “Melania’s son.” (Daily Beast)

DJ Khaled and his fianceé Nicole Tuck are expecting another baby boy. (People)

How to talk to your kids about puberty. (Lifehacker)

Lake Bell on depression after her son’s traumatic birth. (People)

What the right doesn’t understand about HBCUs. (The Atlantic)

Ways to connect with your kid(s) when you’re super busy. (Lifehacker)

Serena Williams hit the runway with her daughter during NYFW. (People)

Denying your kid a smartphone. (The Atlantic)

The new Monopoly game celebrates women. (The New York Times, Target)

Bryce Dallas Howard on her new movie that’s all about dads. (The Wrap, Variety)

The damage of children viewing rape scenes in TV and movies. (The New York Times)

The motherhood wage penalty is an issue abroad, too. (NL Times)

Exploring the roots of white male rage. (The Atlantic)

HBO’s new documentary teaches kids what happened on 9/11. (AP)

Cult unboxing YouTube sensation Ryan ToysReview is under fire. (People)

How black Americans were robbed of their land. (The Atlantic)

Age discrimination in the workplace. (The New York Times)

Teens explain what makes a “VSCO girl.” (Slate)

Mike Bloomberg is shelling out $160M to keep kids from vaping. (TechCrunch)

Food Network star Molly Yeh on becoming a mother. (USA Today)

A Stanford psychology expert says this is the most important skill to teach your child. (CNBC)

Scarlett Johansson on playing a mom after becoming a mom. (People)

Dwayne Wade on why he won’t sell his kids on Santa Claus. (Fatherly)

How to help your child succeed at school. (The New York Times)

Why are American homes so big? (The Atlantic)

A new TikTok trend includes teens glueing their lips. (The Cut)

More “accurate” baby shower games. (McSweeney’s)

Warby Parker drops some cute new kids’ frames. (Warby Parker)

The sweet bond between Megan Thee Stallion and her mother. (CheatSheet)

The most popular names of this year’s college freshmen. (The Atlantic)

More outrage over Juul targeting children. (Ars Technica)

Nicole Richie on being an involved mom. (People)

How to teach your kid to blow their nose. (Lifehacker)




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