The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:00 am

Photo Via CNN

Serena Williams won her first tournament since having her daughter 3 years ago. (CNN)

Sia reveals she recently adopted a son, possibly a teen she spotted on HBO’s Foster. (Marie Claire, People)

A proposed state-wide ban on cosmetic surgeries for intersex children (until they are 6-years-old) fails to pass in California. (CNN)

Japan’s environment minister becomes the first cabinet minister in his country to publicly take paternity leave. (The Guardian)

For the second-time ever in the U.S., a woman has given birth after a uterus transplant (from a deceased donor). (Business Insider)

We love this 12-year-old “drag kid” Desmond is Amazing. (NY Post)

Inside the new rainbow-hued family playroom of Ayesha and Stephen Curry. (YouTube)

How partisan politics shape our children’s history books. (The New York Times)

A tech-centric solution for kids with amblyopia (a.k.a. lazy eye). (TechCrunch)

Teens and sexting—5 things to discuss with your offspring. (Psychology Today)

Researchers in Finland are putting at-risk babies in “smart” jumpsuits that track their every movement. (New Scientist)

The militarized eviction of a group of homeless mothers living in an abandoned Oakland house. (Democracy Now, KQED)

Criticism of the “baby-friendly” hospital initiative. (Advisory Board)

Lady Gaga is considering adoption or surrogacy. (Radar)

The questions that kids in sex-ed class always ask. (The Atlantic)

Chris Martin on embarrassing his daughter Apple at her first job. (E!)

How baby and adult brains sync up during play. (Science Alert)

A much-needed discussion on the many young folks left adrift in America. (Washington Monthly)

The most popular gender-neutral baby names. (Stacker)

Kate Upton on the pressure to breastfeed even as it was “sucking the energy” from her. (People)

Amy Schumer shares her egg retrieval process via Instagram. (Instagram)

40% of gun owners in Washington aren’t locking up their guns—even around kids. (Science Daily)

What critics are saying about Doolittle, out this weekend. (Hollywood Reporter)

All about the Mister Rogers spin-off Donkey Hodie, coming to T.V. in 2021. (Fred Rogers)

Why The Snowy Day keeps kids captivated. (The Atlantic)

Plus, the 10 other most-checked-out-of-all-time books from New York Public Library. (CBS)

The rise of near-sightedness in children around the world. (The Conversation)

Keke Wyatt welcomed her 10th child, a boy named Ke’Riah. (Instagram)

When heavy periods disrupt a teen’s life. (The New York Times)

Gal Gadot on sending her daughters to sleep with meditation apps. (People)

Martina McBride’s touching tribute to her recently departed mother. (Instagram)

Here’s a cute pic of J.Lo doing homework with her twins. (Instagram)

On the East Coast? Save the date for the upcoming New York International Children’s Film Festival. (NYICFF)

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