The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
10:00 am

Photo Via Instagram/Serena Williams

Serena Williams on her mommy-and-me beauty routine. (People)

The number of children in big cities is dwindling. (The Atlantic)

Target launches Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities. (CNN)

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy don matching red hair in the dramatic new video “Spirt.” (YouTube)

For the first time ever, Huggies is putting dads on diaper boxes. (USA Today)

Meanwhile, Pampers is launching a smart diaper. (Fast Company)

A growing number of U.S. teens—especially girls—are struggling with depression. (Pew Research)

How social media and screen time is linked to teen depression. (New Atlas)

Netflix is cutting the graphic suicide scene in 13 Reasons Why—but is it too late? (Slate, Buzzfeed)

How the USWNT’s World Cup victory is inspiring American girls. (The Atlantic)

At least 30 migrant children have been separated from their parents for over a year, and other devastating facts. (The Atlantic, The Atlantic)

A 3-year-old at the border was reportedly asked to choose which parent she wanted to stay and which parent she wanted deported when being separated. (NPR)

Eric Garner’s mother and daughter speak out on the fifth anniversary of his tragic death. (Time, CNN)

Where Roe vs. Wade has the biggest effect. (The New York Times)

Meghan Markle is spotted holding baby Archie, and then the ridiculous shamers move in. (CNN)

Cassie on impending motherhood and learning to trust herself. (L’Officiel)

Greta Gerwig will write the new Margot Robbie-produced Barbie movie. (Hollywood Reporter)

The star-studded Cats movie trailer is out. (YouTube)

Cynthia Rowely and her daughter Kit Keenan have paired up for a podcast called Ageless. (Spotify)

Tevas x The Very Hungry Caterpillar debuts. (Zappos)

Protecting kids from the sun—beyond just applying sunscreen. (The New York Times)

The financial calamity that is the teaching profession. (The Atlantic)

It’s a no brainer: states with stricter gun laws lead to fewer gun-related deaths for children. (USA Today)

A small survey by Groupon found most parents want their kids’ summer break to be just 13 days long. (People)

How to get anything done when your kids are around. (Fast Company)

A pair of British kids have gotten 375,000 signatures to try to get McDonald’s to stop giving away plastic toys. (Thrillist)

A brief history of school desegregation efforts. (The Atlantic)

How to start exercising after giving birth. (The New York Times)

A new study finds most babies referred for tongue-tie surgeries don’t need them. (USA Today)

More U.S. teens are trying to loose weight than in the past. (Time)

While his company denies marketing to teens, JUUL’s CEO apologizes to parents of addicted kids. (Inc.)

A college rapist hiding in plain site. (The Atlantic)

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