The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:00 am

Photo Via Vogue

Serena Williams and her pregnant belly get the Vogue September issue treatment. (Vogue)

How to talk to your kids about Charlottesville. (The New York Times)

Video: Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer’s mother speaks out. (Rolling Stone)

Garance Dore opens up about her fertility journey. (Lenny Letter)

Is Dr. Seuss racist? (The Atlantic)

Closing the breastfeeding gap between white and black mothers. (The New York Times)

A new study reveals that more American women are interested in parenting outside of the traditional family model. (Salon)

For the first time, Mindy Kaling speaks publicly about her pregnancy and becoming a mom. (Today)

Cool ways to share the eclipse with your children. (Common Sense Media)

Raising resilient kids. (The Atlantic)

Robin Thicke and his girlfriend April Love are expecting. (Instagram)

How to help your kids with back-to-school anxiety. (Today)

The high-speed preschool experiment for low-income students. (The Atlantic)

Beyoncé reveals some never-before-seen family photos. (People)

Women in the U.S. are having fewer babies than ever before. (Sacramento Bee)

A study shows that being near a charter school boosts the performance of neighboring public schools. (The Atlantic)

Babies of color are more than twice as likely to die than white babies. (Oakland Press)

How to ignore your child’s bad behavior, yet be fully present for them. (The New York Times)

Candice Swanepoel on her drug-free birth. (People)

Victoria Azarenka writes an open essay about juggling motherhood, a career, and a separation. (Sports Illustrated)

Why suburban schools are inflating student grades. (The Atlantic)

How to talk to kids about death, according to picture books. (The New Yorker)

Planning a family vacation to see the eclipse. (The Atlantic)

The top 10 states to have a baby. (CNBC)

Pink shares some breastpumping-mama realness. (Instagram)

The value of bringing drones into the classroom. (The Atlantic)

The “Fitbit for fertility” yields its first baby. (USA Today)

An Oregon mother filed an $8M lawsuit, claiming her hospital’s “negligence” made her accidentally smother her newborn while she was heavily medicated. (HuffPo)

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