The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
11:00 am

Photo Via Vanity Fair

Serena Williams, in all of her pregnant glory, graces the cover of Vanity Fair, and opens up about impending motherhood, career, and more. (Vanity Fair)

When you refuse to be pressured into postpartum plastic surgery. (Allure)

P.Diddy, dad of 6, on his happy family life. (People)

A Handmaid’s Tale-inspired protest outside the Capitol. (The Hill)

Explaining “the Muslim ban” to your kids. (The Atlantic)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had a baby boy, Jack Oscar. (Instagram)

Land of Nod x Ace and Jig. (Land of Nod)

Board books to get babies talking. (The New York Times)

Meet Peanut, the app to meet mama friends. (YouTube)

How young black girls aren’t presumed to be innocent. (The Atlantic)

Pharrell Williams is not changing his 5-month-old triplets’ diapers. (Today)

Why a baby’s attachment to its parents matter. (The New York Times)

Lake Bell reveals her new baby’s name: Osgood. (Access Hollywood)

How much paid leave is enough. (Slate)

Parents share how they protect their kids online. (The Atlantic)

Zadie Smith, Joan Didion, Maya Angelou—a new book about literary idols and their wardrobes. (Amazon)

A transgender nesting dolls who teaches kids about gender identity. (Money-ish)

How babies retain their early exposure to foreign languages. (Live Science)

Cristiano Ronaldo debuts his new twins, born via surrogate. (Instagram)

How to protect your family from tick bites and Lyme disease. (Slate)

Parents giving their adult children sex advice. (DIGG)

When teachers can’t afford to live in the districts they teach in. (The Atlantic)

Elmo says refugee kids are just like kids everywhere. (CNN)

How to pick the best backseat apps for your kids this summer. (NPR)

Microdosing on nature. (The Atlantic)

In praise of joint custody and being a “part-time” parent. (Slate)

The benefits of a great dad. (The aGood Men Project)

A study finds “smart” kids live longer. (The New York Times)

Serena Williams on her inspiring mother. (WayV)

Bullied teens report more access to guns. (Reuters)

Rachel Bilson on raising her daughter without “help” and what date night now looks like. (Hello)

Why we’re awkward. (The Atlantic)

Nearly half of teens have had sex by age 19. (The New York Times)

Are you a member of the #SqueezeSquad? (YouTube)

Kelly Clarkson announces the release of her second children’s book, inspired by her daughter. (Twitter)

The Jumanji remake’s video game twist. (Vice)

Compliments to stop giving your kids. (Reader’s Digest)

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