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Period Panties: Yay Or Nay?

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photograph courtesy of THINX

One thing that brings us together as women is the same thing that often times makes us want to rip each other’s faces off—periods. The monthly visitor is usually an unwelcome guest (except for those times when you’re hoping you’re not pregnant!), especially with the amount of tampons, pads, cups, and liners we have to stock-up on each month. But, now there’s a new kid in town that’s dedicated to changing the menstruation game—absorbent underwear for that time of the month a.k.a. period panties.

Never heard of them? We’ll break it down for you—think undergarments that are supposed to take the place of tampons and pads, or simply double-protection for those who struggle with heavy flows (cue that one scene from Mean Girls). These undies by THINX claim to keep you feeling dry, even when you’ve had a spill, with the addition of their moisture-wicking, leak-resistant fabric that can hold up to two tampons worth of liquid. An extra bonus? They’re said to be anti-microbial to protect against bacteria.

So, now that you know the gist, maybe you’re envisioning big, bulky grandma panties or fabric-like adult diapers, but these skivvies are actually pretty freaking cute and dare we say, sexy? From lacy hip huggers and simple sport cuts to flattering high-waists and even thongs, there’s a fit and style for every gal and every day of the week. You can even build a custom set specifically for your body, cycle, and flow.

So, the question is, yay or nay? Would you ditch the tampons and try out period panties when Aunt Flow comes knocking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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