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Happy New Year! We’ve got a slew of pop culture picks for the first month of 2018 worth your time…and maybe a resolution or two. Like what? How about the next installment of American Crime Story devoted to the Versace murder, a new show from Gilmore Girls’ Amy Sherman-Palladino, Daniel Day-Lewis’ final performance (dramatic swoon), and tastemaker playlists that sum up the year in music! Read about it all right here.

1. If you loved The People vs OJ Simpson (and many did), get ready for Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk to turn their lens on another sensational murder from the 1990s: the assassination of Gianni Versace. The next American Crime Story, beginning on FX on January 17, will delve into the fashion designer’s untimely death and also the anti-gay discrimination surrounding it. TV Guide predicts it will be Exec Producer Murphy’s best work. The show also stars Edgar Ramirez as Gianni Versace, Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace (pictured above), and Ricky Martin as Versace’s boyfriend Antonio D’Amico.

2. Consider the pedigree of Amazon’s new whip-smart show, The Marvelous Mrs. Masel: Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is at the helm, House of Cards star Rachel Brosnahan is her lead, and Monk’s Tony Shalhoub has a supporting role. Set it in the world of 1950s stand-up comedy—i.e., it’s got a serious Mad Men vibe—and add a killer soundtrack. Sold yet? This is an unconventional coming of age story about what happens when a jilted young bride finds her voice—and a funny one at that.

3. Also set in the 1950s is Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread, a tale about a London dressmaker (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) obsessed with perfection as he tends to his mistress and muse. The second Anderson-Day-Lewis collaboration (the first was There Will Be Blood) has extra gravitas because it is Day-Lewis’ swan song from acting, supposedly. Yes, one of the greatest living actors of our time is retiring his thespian suspenders, so enjoy what Daily Beast describes as “a princess fairy tale reimagined as a complex, incisive examination of romantic power dynamics and the dark, unpredictable heart of desire.” (In other film news, we’ve finally got an Aaron Sorkin flick with a female lead: see Molly’s Game, based on the story of humiliated “poker princess” Molly Bloom.)

4. Want an effortless ways to catch up on a lot of the coolest music from 2017? There are several Spotify playlists out there that will do the trick! (Playlists killed the album last year, didn’t ya know?) Pitchfork’s curated the best 100 songs of 2017, as has NPR Music, music blog Gorilla vs Bear, The Fader, and KCRW. Dazed Magazine’s “the only tracks you need to hear” is updated monthly with a set of cutting-edge tunes, and NME has the 17 best remixes of the year. Meanwhile, Guardian Music shares the 10 best songs you didn’t hear in 2017.

5. Actress Jemima Kirke saw two chapters close in 2017: Girls, the show in which she co-starred, and her seven-year marriage to Michael Mosberg, also the father of her two children. So, she threw herself into painting, taking six months to explore the pageantry of weddings on canvas. On display at NYC’s Sargent’s Daughters gallery until January 21, many of the works have dark undertones, reflecting the ambivalence a modern woman might feel about the tradition. She told W: “It’s totally okay for a woman who’s a die-hard feminist to get married and have a husband. Two things can be true at once, but why can’t we talk about the hypocrisy of it as well?” Kirke’s paintings attempt to do just that. See them here if you can’t make it to the East Coast/the gallery in time.

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