The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
11:00 am

Photo Via Instagram/Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler turned 40 and shared some cute pics of her kids. (Instagram)

What motherhood does to your self-esteem. (Slate)

The rumor mill says Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their twins Rumi and Sir. (TMZ)

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is warning mothers not to eat placenta pills. (Mother Jones)

A Canadian parent is fighting for the right to not check a gender box on a new baby’s medical records. (Salon)

The diminishing role of art in children’s lives. (The Atlantic)

Nine ways to raise successful kids, according to science. (Inc.)

Why everyone’s obsessed with “millennial pink.” (Salon)

The U.S. birthrate hit another low, and way fewer teens are having babies. (Slate)

Lauren Conrad had a baby boy, Liam James. (Instagram)

Kids are taking the federal government to court over climate change. (Scientific American)

Washington State passes one of the best paid leave plans in the U.S. (Slate)

Let your kids be bored. (Lifehacker)

What it’s like to be Frank Ocean’s mom. (Billboard)

The 10 most contaminated foods in your fridge. (Salon)

Meet Eva, a wearable, egg-shaped vibrator for couples. (The New York Times)

The rise of resistance-themed book clubs. (Slate)

Six ways to make time for work and motherhood. (Working Mother)

A new study finds kids of single moms are doing a-okay. (MedicalXpress)

New mom and tennis pro Victoria Azarenka on competing at Wimbledon while juggling a 6-month-old. (The Guardian)

The contraception crisis in developing countries. (Slate)

United gave a toddler’s seat away and forced his mother to carry him the whole trip. (ABC)

Spider-Man: Homecoming, out today, is getting rave reviews. (The Atlantic)

Summer reading for your woke kid. (NPR)

Having an older male partner lowers one’s chances for IVF success. (BBC)

A year after his death, Philando Castile’s mom speaks out, asking for change. (ABC)

A case for not having a gender-reveal party. (Salon)

The trailer for Toni Collette and Molly Shannon’s Fun Mom Dinner is out. (EW)

How kids in Cameroon aced the marshmallow test (a.k.a. delayed gratification test). (NPR)

How To Fall In Love With Anyone is now a book. (Amazon)

Gwyneth threw a Minions-themed party in the Hamptons. (Vogue)

Blue Ivy’s freestyle on Jay-Z’s 4:44. (Just Jared)

How late-night screen time puts teens at risk. (CBS)

Why you don’t want to have your baby in a car. (The New York Times)

Nicki Hilton is pregnant again. (US Weekly)

The BBC is investing $44 million to beef up its children’s programming options. (The Verge)

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