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Want/Need: Wolfechild

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Courtesy Of Amber Byrne Mahoney

Upon hearing its name alone, we were already in love with children’s label Wolfechild. But there’s so much more to the brand than just the cool moniker. Founded by Illinois native and resident Claire Wolfe Boockmeier, the print-tastic, hand-crafted line came about somewhat accidentally. And we’re so thankful it did.

“A few years (and a few jobs) after graduating from Pratt Institute, I began working at a children’s concept shop in Brooklyn,” Wolfe Boockmeier explains. “There was one designer we carried in the shop that made her collection by hand and I thought that sounded like my dream job. So, I started making clothes after work and whenever I got a chance. I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning sewing, printing, and dying in my bedroom and then slip my garments on the racks alongside the other designers at the shop. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and the clothes quickly sold out.”

After continuing to produce on a very small scale, the designer launched a full collection, along with an e-commerce site, in spring 2013, and is now running the line, which she describes as “modern kidswear with a poetic edge,” full-time.

What’s up her sleeve next? “I’m currently working on the Fall 2014 collection, inspired by the work of artist Andrew Wyeth and my recent move from New York back home to Illinois. As for the future, I would love to branch out into womenswear.” Um, those printed jumpsuits in our size? Yes please!

Click below for some of our favorites from the collection.

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