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What Dreams Are Made Of? The 12 Feet Wide Ace Family Bed

Written by Sara Langer

Photography by Photo Courtesy of The Ace Collection

Any parent who has co-slept or bedshared with their children can probably attest to the fact that it can get pretty cramped in there, especially if you’ve got restless little sleepers with extra-wild limbs. And even if you aren’t among the 25% of parents who openly admit to bedsharing, you likely enjoy snuggling up in your bed with your family while reading books, watching movies, etc. If you’ve ever felt like your Queen, King, or even California King-sized bed isn’t cutting it for your cuddle sessions, there’s a product on the market trying to solve your woes (should your bedroom—and budget—have the ability to fit it).

At 12 feet wide, The Ace Family Bed, is twice the size of a California King. Designer and founder of The Ace Collection, Ana Pekarovic, invented the super-size bed after she found several of her interior design clients were in search of a more spacious snuggle zone. After researching custom options and finding them outrageously priced, Pekarovic realized there was a need for a more accessible jumbo bed.

Don’t have 12 feet of bedroom space to spare for the “Family” bed? Pekarovic also designed a 9-foot wide “Ace” bed option, which is still quite behemoth (note: a California King is a mere 6-feet wide). At this span, the “Ace” is large enough to fit three King-size pillows, side by side.

Besides having a home with enough space for a bed this large, naturally customers will need to shell out over twice as much money for an Ace mattress than they would for a traditional bed. But for twice as much space, we suppose that seems pretty fair. Plus, for some space- and sleep-deprived parents, the room to stretch out and get a solid night’s rest might be downright priceless.

Ace mattresses (not the entire bed) start at $2,250 for the Ace Size or $2,750 for the Ace Family Bed. If you’re looking for a packaged deal—with a box spring, metal frame, sheet set, and pillows—you can expect to pay over $4,000 plus shipping. Upholstered and tufted headboards and upholstered bed frame options are also available at acesize.com.

For more realness about the needs of co-sleeping families, check out our pieces on the parents who lie about co-sleeping and the pros and cons of sharing your bed with your kiddos.

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  1. Hayley says...

    I have no comment on the Family bed concept – but the picture here that portrays this is upsetting. I am a mother and I fully understand my role with the kids but my husband also has a primary role and loves to read them books. He mostly begs to do night time with them. But this picture is clearly portraying this “family bed” is a space for mom to be with ALL the kids and Dad is able to have is own time on the computer. Not sure why this struck a nerve – but wanted to share in case you had another photo that could be used.

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