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Photography by Kristin Karch
Mother Stories

Meet Adrienne Antonson: State Designer, Artist, & Mama of 2

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Kristin Karch

There are about a dozen important life lessons we learned from profiling today’s incredible mama, Adrienne Antonson. The artist and founder of STATE The Label has been legitimately marching to the beat of her own drummer since day one. Lesson one: Building a high-style, sustainable fashion brand doesn’t require living in one of the name-checked big cities–Adrienne and her husband ditched Brooklyn to live in Thomson, Georgia (population 6,000+) more than five years ago. They’ve since settled in the more bustling town of Athens (population 125k+), snagging themselves a dreamy farmhouse, and opening up the first brick-and-mortar location of STATE. Lesson two? You can have a fully functioning art studio in the living room and a white sofa (you’ll have to read the full interview for how on earth that one works). But the most valuable lesson we took away from our time with Adrienne is that creativity is the fuel that powers all the incredible things that she does, from designing clothes, to creating sculpture, to raising two tuned-in little humans. Not to mention growing a successful business—today STATE debuts its brand new children’s line, STATE Kid’s Collection. Each piece is made using fabric scraps from STATE’s women’s collections, and each style is designed around the constraints of each scrap shape and strives to use as much of each textile as possible—getting as close as possible to a zero waste model. Similar to the grown-up STATE, the kid’s collection aims to offer affordable basics for families who want to make ethical shopping choices for their children. We promise—once you spot the adorable pieces on little Edla and August in the photos below, you won’t be able to stop yourself. Click through for more wise (and humorous) words from Adrienne, plus a full tour of her incredible home, studio, and store.

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  1. What an inspiring read! Swooning over the farmhouse interiors. So warm, welcoming and mis-matched. Haven’t been so tuned into the brand before, but the article definitely has changed that. Thank you so much!

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