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Mother Stories

PDX Mama & Singer-Songwriter Alela Diane

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed By Kelty & Hannah Of Upbringing

Obviously, we are big fans of the women we profile on Mother. After all, the site is a space dedicated to celebrating women in all walks of life and the inspiring titles they acquire along the way, in addition to (but, not to be replaced by) their role as a “mom”. This morning’s profile of singer-songwriter and mother-of-two daughters (Vera, 4, and Oona, 1), Alela Diane, is one that understands clearly the intensity of motherhood-identity duality. So much so that she wrote an entire album about it.

Here, the West Coast songbird opens up her charming home to offer up a fresh perspective on raising children, pursuing a career, and the concept of having it all. Much like her fifth album, Cusp, our talks with the lulling artist explore the “weight and beauty of creating life”, as well as some of our favorite topics like who’s hanging in her closet, how she finds time for self-care, and what it’s like living in her home-base city of Portland, Oregon.

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