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Photographed by Erika Layne
Mother Stories

Multi-Talented Mama Alex Elle Invites Us Over

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Erika Layne

If you follow Alex Elle on Instagram, you know that she’s an open book—quite literally. With snippets of her brave and honest poetry filling her cult-followed feed, the writer/podcaster/beauty entrepreneur has been able to connect with fans over a range of topics—from motherhood and womanhood to fertility woes and love. And our profile on the the mother of one (Charleigh, 9) is no different. Below, she opens up her home in the DC suburbs to us, while catching us up on her life, including her well chronicled journey to baby #2, which, at the moment, includes a try at IVF after a diagnosis of mild male factory infertility (MFI). Read, learn, and connect right here.

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