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Moon Juice’s CEO Shows Us Her Dreamy Venice Abode

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photography by Paige Jones

Oh, to be Amanda Chantal Bacon. The founder and CEO of the cult-followed Moon Juice not only has a daily supply of oh-so-fresh eats and drinks at her disposal, she also gets to wake up in the absolutely stunning Venice Beach home seen above (and below) every single day and gaze into the adorable face of her (almost) 3-year-old son, Rohan! Sounds like the stuff your mama dreams are made of? Ours, too. And the whole situation gets even dreamier after you hear about the single mother’s disciplined, earthy-minimalist aesthetic and her take-it-as-it-comes attitude towards parenting. Read on and get mega-inspired!

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  1. DD says...

    Oh to be Amanda Chantal Bacon and have bare feet as gorgeous as she does! The first really good picture is #4. Amanda’s natural toes look amazing! And in #28 Amanda’s barefoot beauty really comes through. But is picture #19 that is my favorite. It could be the most beautiful picture I’ve seen yet on Mother Mag. Amanda’s bare feet are exquisite, but it is her arch that takes my breath away! Amanda has the most beautiful arches of all the lovely barefoot moms so far!

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