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11 Useful Apps For Busy Moms

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photo via Getty Images

Being a mom is a full-time job. On any given day, we’re juggling children, busy schedules, mounds of housework, planning meals, running errands, managing finances, and for many of us, we’re also handling additional FT or PT jobs to bring in the bacon. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together 11 of the most useful apps for supermoms like us. Because it’s okay to get a little help here and there, and what better way to receive it than in the palm of your hand.

todaysparentappToday’s Parent, Free, iTunes.
Keep track of your baby’s milestones from pregnancy to later years with this helpful guide. This app provides everything from a log to note your little one’s naps, meals, and diapers, to a Potty Training Pal to make the transition to “big kid” easy and fun!

webMDBabyappWebMD Baby, Free, iTunes.
This app provides quick advice from trusted doctors, as well as daily tips for mothers of newborns. Track your baby’s health records and more, plus, it’s very helpful for those times when your little one is feeling under the weather, and you’re not sure if it’s worth a trip to the doc!

shoppinglistShopping List (Grocery List), $2.99, iTunes.
Stop carrying around crinkled up shopping lists to the grocery store and download this app. It saves you time, money, and stress by organizing grocery items by store aisles. It also calculates your items, while allowing you to add notes and share your shopping list with others!

goodbudgetappGoodBudget Budget Planner, Free, iTunes.
This personal finance app helps with money management and budget planning using the popular “envelope system” on your phone. You can also sync Goodbudget across multiple devices, and the internet, so that your partner or family can stay on track of the budget.

whitenoiseappWhite Noise Lite, Free, iTunes.
Got a newborn? With over 20 relaxing, calming sounds, this app is an instant sandman. It’s not just for babies, either. This app helps you sleep by blocking distractions that cause the human brain to stay awake. It’s also ideal to block out snorers (sorry, hubby).

netnannyappNet Nanny, $4.99, iTunes.
Want to give your kids the freedom of the internet, but scared of what they might accidentally come across? NetNanny is the perfect protector when it comes to kids surfing the web. Install it on your devices and computer, and delete any other browsers. Bonus: It has Low-High block settings.

mycyclesappMy Cycles, Free, iTunes.
If you’re trying to conceive, or just like to be informed of when Aunt Flo will return to town, this app is for you. It allows you to increase (or decrease) your chance of pregnancy, while also noting your symptoms, moods, and medications anytime, anywhere!

fitbitappFitBit, Free, iTunes.
If you’re into fitness and health, this app could be your new best friend. It tracks your daily activities, workouts, and calories. You can log your meals, compete with friends, and elevate your workouts as you go. Plus, there are pretty awesome FitBit tracking accessories you can get, like these beauties from Tory Burch.

amazonappAmazon, $2.99, iTunes.
The Amazon app is great for moms who want to find specific products for the lowest price possible, plus you can order with one-click, while being logged into your Amazon Prime account. We also love to read the personal reviews on items before purchasing.

howtocookeverythingHow To Cook Everything, $9.99, iTunes.
When you’ve got kids, errands, chores, and more to juggle, it’s hard to find the time to meal plan and find quick recipes. This app makes it that much easier. With over 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations, it makes cooking virtually a breeze.

bankofmomappBank Of Mom, $1.99, iTunes.
If your kids are old enough to be receiving allowance, this app is for you. It keeps track of each kid’s earnings while teaching them the importance of saving and spending. You can also track time for TV, internet, and video game use, as well as note earnings for great grades on report cards, and doing chores.

Have any apps that didn’t make our list, that you can’t live without? Please share in the comments below.

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