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Your August 2016 Horoscope



August is among us, which means that it’s time for our monthly astro-read from our columnist Christie Craft. Get a short overview here, or search your sign below and click into a more detailed forecast.

Each of the 12 signs will likely find the early part of August to be an emotionally tender time, compelling many to overextend their heart’s capacity, thanks to a warm, if overly generous New Moon in Leo on August 2. Passions will run hot—like, molten lava hot—with this bright and shiny lunation, so be selective with where (or who…) you invest your energy. Mars, wargod of action and aggression, will throw gasoline on the inferno on that very same day when the Red Planet moves into adventurous Sagittarius, inspiring us to take risks—some good, some not-so-good—and live life on the edge.

The devil’s in the details when it comes to love this month. After August 5, sensuous Venus will be paired with obsessive-compulsive Virgo, highlighting the importance of the small things in our interpersonal relationships, especially when it comes to who we choose as our partner. A floodlight will shine on balance in love relationships, drawing your consciousness to equalizing give and take. August will be a pensive, thoughtful time for many signs when it comes to the L-word (I’m looking at you, Libra, Gemini, and Taurus, especially), and if you discover grave imbalances between what you’re giving and what your partner brings to the table, be prepared for your relationship to come under intense scrutiny in September, which may lead your partnership to the chopping block (or couples’ counseling—whatever works!).

Satisfaction in our social lives comes into clear focus near August 18 when a Full Moon, which is also a lunar eclipse, alights in super-congenial, bubbly Aquarius. The latter half of August is perfectly poised for shaking up your social circle, either by joining a new organization, club, sports team, or simply by circulating with a fresh crowd. Either way, sparks will fly on the social scene during the last two weeks of the month, so have your party pants pressed, tailored, and ready to shine, because there will be a flood of events, invitations, and soirées to show face at. Get all your ya-yas out by August 30 when Mercury moves into retrograde in cerebral Virgo, whipping up a wicked brain fog until late September.

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