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August 2019 Horoscopes

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Christie Craft 

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It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these August 2019 horoscopes below, then clicking into your specific sign in our slideshow.

Winding Down 

Leo Season is in full swing as the month of August opens. Creativity sparkles with a bold grandiosity and expressions of love are larger than life. Not only is the mighty Sun right at home in feisty Leo, Mars, Venus, and Mercury all occupy the fiery fifth sign for the first half of the month. 

Romance, fun, and pleasure rule the days of August 8 and 14. First, Venus will trine Jupiter in a gorgeous angle, followed by a Sun-Venus conjunction on the 14th. Circle these days—they’re bound to be filled with luck, luxury, and brazen displays of love. 

On August 15, a full moon in progressive Aquarius could draw attention to a humanitarian crisis on the world stage. We may be especially sensitive to current events during this lunation. This is an excellent week for detoxing from unhealthy news cycles and making a solid commitment to participate in meaningful activism or other political and social work. 

A back-to-school vibe permeates the second half of August when Mars takes a sharp turn from exuberant Leo into analytical Virgo on August 18. If you’re prone to workaholism—watch out! Until October 4, Mars’ focus will be on streamlining productivity, increasing precision, and obsessing over every little detail. 

Venus shifts into Virgo on August 21, remaining here until September 21. Expect to be more choosy when it comes to your love life, but also expect a greater sense of discernment in money matters as well as your aesthetic tastes. Chatty Mercury settles into his home sign of Virgo on August 29, prodding us to detect nuance and detail in communication. A Virgo new moon rounds out the month on August 30, providing a perfect opportunity to adopt better habits and organization. 

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