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August 2023 Horoscopes


Written by Christie Craft

Photography by Luke Gram

It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these August 2023 horoscopes, then finding your specific sign below.

Everyone’s got things to do and places to go, but a little extra planning could go a long way this month with retrograde hijinks on the horizon. That’s right: There are quite a few planets in retrograde this summer, but two that are bound to affect our daily lives most dramatically—Venus, currently in retrograde until September 3, and Mercury, which is set to station retrograde on August 23. While we can’t all take a long nap or dip out of society for the last half of August, we can make the most of the stamina and gusto to get things done early in the month. Consider organization a recipe for avoiding stress this month. 

August opens in grand fashion with an Aquarius full moon on August 1. Seeing beyond yourself is easy during this lunation. Observing how the smallest of your actions impacts the wider collective provides an excellent moral compass. 

A new moon in magnanimous Leo takes the stage on August 16, giving us license to celebrate ourselves in all our joy and glory. Don’t take your hands off the wheel, though—this lunation has “wildcard” written all over it. Sudden and unexpected turbulence could hit, but whatever the chaos, it won’t shake the unsinkable late Leo season atmosphere of warm generosity. 

Mars shifts into Libra on August 27, encouraging the warrior poets to come out of the shadows. Sometimes, the only path to peace is through necessary conflict. Keep it respectful and dignified. On August 30, compassion and empathy rule the Pisces blue moon—a second full moon to occur in one month. Faith in ourselves, others, and our dreams runs high while boundaries appear to melt. Drink deep of hope but be careful of intoxication. 

August Legend:

August 1: Aquarius Full Moon
August 16: Leo New Moon
August 23: Sun enters Virgo, Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo
August 27: Mars enters Libra
August 28: Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus
August 30: Pisces Full Moon

Find Your Sign

Aries - Feed Your Soul

March 21 – April 19

An Aquarius full moon opens the month on August 1, setting off fireworks in your social life. Time flies when you’re having fun, so pace yourself and try not to overload your social calendar, lest you develop burnout. Pleasure and intimacy blossom mid-month with a fiery Leo new moon on August 16. This is a brilliant time for family planning and beginning creative projects. Just hanging out with your loved ones and enjoying pleasurable, leisurely company is especially healing now. Feed your soul.

Mercury turns retrograde on August 23, giving you a chance to reconfigure your workdays to support your health. This could be anything from minor adjustments, like your posture at work, to major ones, like unionizing.

Mars shifts into your partnership sector on August 27, adding a lusty zest to your relationships. Yet, by the end of the month you may be too tired to really take notice. A Pisces blue moon on August 30—the second full moon in a calendar month—shifts the mood for rest. You may just need to unplug for a while and go dark.

Taurus - Cooler Heads Prevail

April 20 – May 20

If you’ve been pondering big questions about where your career path is leading you, this month’s astrology could provide the answers. An Aquarius full moon on August 1 electrifies your professional life with dazzling recognition. This could be the feather in your cap bolstering you with confidence, or it could be the tipping point for your ego to wrestle with imposter syndrome.

A new moon in bold Leo on August 16 gives you the chance to put your heart into your home. If you’ve been wanting to redecorate—or even move entirely—this lunation supports your desires. Expect warmth and joy within your family.

Mercury whirls retrograde on August 23, causing confusion and murky feelings in your closest relationships. Don’t jump to conclusions—feelings aren’t always facts, especially when you’re so sensitive. Conflict could heat up your workplace after August 27 when Mars shifts into your career zone. Cooler heads prevail.

The month ends with a Pisces full moon—a blue moon—on August 30. If you’ve been hungry for authentic connections, the friends you come together with now could fit the bill for inspiring deeper spirituality and creativity in life.

Gemini - Get Away

May 21 – June 20

Distant adventures call to you, and you may have a full itinerary of travel on the books. An Aquarius full moon opens the month on August 1, sparking a craving for expansion and learning through experience. Watch out for elastic purse strings—you can’t put a price on incredible travel experiences, but you may throw your original budget out the window.

Then again, you may not travel very far or to exotic locales this summer. A Leo new moon on August 16 could inspire you to visit close relatives, like siblings, or old friends you share a sibling-like connection with. Either way, getting away will be restorative with Mercury spinning retrograde on August 23 in your house of home and family.

The month ends on an exciting note with your love life going from snoozy to spicy after August 27 when Mars shimmies into your romance sector. What’s more, a Pisces full moon—a blue moon, in fact—illuminates your career aspirations with a very positive transition to greener pastures.

Cancer - Cashing Out

June 21 – July 22

Get ready to hurdle over long standing financial roadblocks this month, Cancer. An Aquarius full moon opens the month with a bang on August 1, bringing with it the potential to dissipate a sizable chunk of debt you’ve been dragging around. Cleaning out lingering financial cobwebs early in the month can only strengthen your earning power when opportunities to boost your income roll onto your plate with the Leo new moon on August 16.

Take caution when it comes to verbal agreements and contract negotiations this month. Mercury turns retrograde on August 23, fogging interpersonal communication. In fact, you may feel like taking an oath of silence once Mars enters your domestic sector on August 27, stirring the pot of arguments and disagreements with family members and housemates.

The month ends with a rare Pisces blue moon—that is, the second full moon in a month—on August 30, urging you to drop old narratives and personal philosophies that no longer fit the bill.

Leo - Go Big or Go Home

July 23 – August 22

The Sun is high in your golden sign, and you are feeling powerful at the beginning of the month. A highly complimentary Aquarius full moon on August 1 imbues your partnerships with the capacity to go big or go home. Whether a business partner or an intimate one, your future is bright—that is, as long as you are investing in it. A new moon in your sign on August 16 signals a fresh start in any way you want to use it. Chances are, you might be changing things up rather suddenly. Don’t be afraid to roll the dice.

You may need to take a second look at the nitty-gritty details of your budget once Mercury stations retrograde in your income sector on August 23. A Pisces full moon on August 30—the second full moon of the month—calls in some creative strategies for saving money.

Virgo - Big Breaks & Breakthroughs

August 23 – September 22

Your season is nigh, Virgo, and this month’s energy encourages you to lean into the power garnered from your talent and hard work. An Aquarius full moon sets the tone on August 1, urging you to take to the podium to broadcast the fruits of your passion to as wide an audience as possible. Breakthroughs in mental health are possible during a Leo new moon on August 16, initiating a sea change in your mindset that could break down barriers hindering creativity and vision.

Despite the upswing, misrepresentations abound after Mercury—your ruling planet—stations retrograde on August 23. Don’t mince words. Being as clear as possible about your desires and intentions could literally pay off once Mars moves into your earned income sector on August 27.

A dreamy Pisces blue moon—the second full moon in the month—sets your relationships aglow on August 30. Whether single or committed, this could be a fairytale moment in your love life. Make a wish, you might get everything you want.

Libra - Zest for Life

September 23 – October 22

The embarrassment of riches that is your love life this month could prove to be too much of a good thing. An Aquarius full moon on August 1 puts you in the mood for love, encouraging a gluttony of pleasure. What’s more, your social life might be a little louder than usual during the Leo new moon on August 16. New connections with creative friends abound, but steer clear of drama if one of your friends gets feisty.

You may rethink privacy and oversharing this month. Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, nudging you to hold your cards a little closer. Mars enters your sign on August 27, enlivening life with new zest and stamina for accomplishing goals. You’ll have the confidence to say no to any work habits or requests that overstep your boundaries of health and wellness during the Pisces full moon on August 30.

Scorpio - Labors of Love

October 23 – November 21

Drama with a capital D hits your home and family sector early in the month, thanks to a raucous full moon on August 1. If you’re coupled, your partner or spouse may add some spice—meaning either conflict or excitement. It’s a 50-50 toss between hypersensitive outbursts and emotionally fulfilling exchanges.

Your focus shifts back to career matters during a Leo new moon on August 16. Getting ahead might mean taking the roads less traveled in collaboration with someone unexpected. Still, your partner or a close loved one might stir the pot, opposing how much time you’re spending on work.

You may connect with an old friend once Mercury turns retrograde on August 23. In stark contrast, you may close the curtains on everyone when Mars shifts into your house of privacy on August 27. Love could feel like a dream during the Pisces full moon on August 30, bringing deep fulfillment to all of your most tender desires. It’s okay to surrender—you really, really deserve this, Scorpio.

Sagittarius - Second Go Round

November 22 – December 21

The compass you’ve charted your career course with might seem to be on the fritz making for a confusing month. Tough conversations with coworkers and superiors alike could be initiated by the Aquarius full moon on August 1. Negotiations may not go as planned, leaving you twisting in the tradewinds and contemplating embarking on a new route.

Instead of being ruled by your emotions, let your feelings fuel you into positive action. A Leo new moon on August 16 could lead you to revisit past career ambitions with a fresh outlook. Mercury turns retrograde on August 23, supporting a second go round at success.

Mars shifts into your friendship sector on August 27, igniting a burning desire to be in the social center. This is a great time to reconnect with old friends, or if you’re single, to give a friend a second glance as “something more.” You may be relocating or making dramatic changes to your home by the time the Pisces full moon ends the month on August 30.

Capricorn - Dollars and Sense

December 22 – January 19

Encroaching financial strain may cause a wee bit of tension at the beginning of the month. An Aquarius full moon on August 1 could dam up a stream of income, bringing your cash flow to a trickle. Technology could be at the root of this income slowdown, such as needing extra training to keep up with the times or being made redundant from automations like artificial intelligence. A Leo new moon on August 16 may also impact your budget with a surprise expense.

The universe might put you on the bench for mandatory rest and relaxation when Mercury turns retrograde on August 23. While you will no doubt need to honor your nervous system’s regulation, you’ll be filled with money-making gusto when Mars boosts your career ambitions on August 27. Though it’s best not to start anything new or sign any contracts or agreements this month, a Pisces full moon signals positive talks and meetings on August 30.

Aquarius - Working Together

January 20 – February 18

An emotional full moon in your sign opens the month on August 1, signaling a tipping-point moment in vulnerability. Hypersensitivity towards your family could swing like a pendulum between fighting and bonding closely. Breakthroughs are possible either way.

Unexpected developments in your intimate relationships are par for the course during the Leo new moon on August 16. Again, a sudden turn of events is just as likely to spark a need for space as it is to inspire an elopement. Spontaneity is the name of the game.

Confusion around joint finances and responsibilities in said relationships could become murky once Mercury turns retrograde on August 23. A Pisces full moon on August 30 ends the month on a hopeful note, encouraging you to dream up creative solutions to boosting your income.

Pisces - Self-Advocacy

February 19 – March 20

Frazzled feelings may turn into an all-out bout with burnout when an Aquarius full moon on August 1 sets you over the edge. Follow your desire for reclusive living—retreating is self-care. You’ll need your rest early in the month, because a Leo new moon on August 16 could be your ticket to a new job.

Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, snagging your love life with complications. Your partner may seem more critical than supportive now, which may signal the need to call each other in for a close talk. While this could be annoying, it doesn’t have to be. A full moon in your sign on August 30 empowers you to express yourself with humility, empathy, and gentleness while also standing up for yourself.

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