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The Best Baby Costumes

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy and Mindy White

Photography by Photo via Malo-Photo

With this being “Halloweek” and all, we know that a lot of you have already planned your little one’s costumes. Heck, some of you die-hard Pumpkin Day lovers might’ve hatched your baby’s first costume when you found out you were pregnant! However, some of you may still be brainstorming or scratching your head because, well, what do you dress a newborn up as, anyways? 

Of course, you could run to your nearest costume store or supercenter, but those getups can be quite expensive, cheaply made, and frankly, not very unique. Even though your little ghoul can’t talk yet, we’re pretty sure they’d say they want to be in the “baby spotlight” and dressed as something different than their small peers. You also want to make sure your tike’s costume is both comfy and cozy to keep them happy throughout the night.

Here, we’ve gathered 20 costumes that are adorable, funny, unique, and some are fairly easy to mimic, too. Whether you’ve got a tiny babe or an always-on-the-move tot on your hands, we’ve got a costume idea you’ll love.

Love the silly baby dressed up above? We do, too! Check our more of this little guy being posed in silly costumes here.

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