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Want/Need: Baby Teith

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Courtesy of Baby Teith

Okay, you already know we have a thing for baby leggings (especially the types that look great on boys, too). So, it was really no wonder that we became smitten with the Phoenix-based label Baby Teith.

The brand was started in October 2013 by partners Tiffe Fermaint and Keith Walker during their transition into parenthood. “We found ourselves being asked to conform to design outside of our appeal,” explains Fermaint. “One of many great experiences we were looking forward to was dressing our new baby. However, it was slim pickings for cool baby clothes and items we actually liked. Since we had creative backgrounds, we felt it would be more joyful to create the line we sought.”

With over 14 years of graphic design and womenswear design under her belt, the development of the line came easy to Fermaint. The pair designs all of the graphics and has them printed on organic cotton, that is then cut into leggings, onesies, headbands, and shorts. Of course, these aren’t your typical kiddie patterns. Precious gems, moon craters, crystals, lightning piercing the sky, faux holograms, and nebula are just some examples of the bold prints “inspired by science and music” that the team uses.

Perhaps the best part of this story? Items in the newborn-4T collection start at a mere $5 and nothing tops $50. Shop Baby Teith’s Etsy store here!


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