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A Well Traveled Mama Invites Us Onto Her Home Turf

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photography by James Kicinski-McCoy

Having wanderlust and having children doesn’t always seem like a winning combo. But Bekah Stewart, of the much-beloved Tumblr blog A Well Traveled Womanmakes the mix appear effortless, scooping up her two sons, hitting the road, and documenting it all the while. Of course, sometimes settling in at home is nice, too, which is where we met the single mom, snapping her and her boys in their Louisville, Kentucky abode. Keep clicking to see the trio in all of their rough-and-tumble glory and read up on Stewart’s take on fashion, family, and her less-is-more ethos.

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  1. DD says...

    Hmm, Bekah appears to have very pretty feet. It’s nice that she’s barefoot at home like so many of the moms on this site. In picture #7 we can see she has a nice, dark pedicure. Her toes look cute!

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