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Peep This High-Design Co-Working Space (with Childcare!)

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photography by Aaron & Jon Photographers

Mom and entrepreneur Keltse Bilbao Olazar realized that finding a peaceful spot to work was only half the problem facing working parents. The other—what to do with those kids while you got down to business—seemed to be the one everyone was struggling to solve. Her response was Big and Tiny, a high-style co-working space in Santa Monica that has childcare built right in.

“Many of our clients are moms that, after taking a break from their careers to be with their kids, are ready to go back to work part time or freelance,” says Bilbao Olazar. “Some of them decide to try a new path and launch a business. Others just need a few hours a day and they don’t want to bring their kids to a daycare or commit to full time care. These parents need some flexibility and time for themselves while still being dedicated to their families.”

The gorgeous 2,100-square-foot space was designed by the Spanish architecture firm Zooco Estudio, and features a soaring vaulted ceiling with exposed wood trusses and a series of architectural plywood partitions to divide up the space into three zones. When guests walk in, they are greeted by a coffee bar (very necessary) and a boutique of curated kids swag, from sweet dresses and sweaters by Christina Rohde to thoughtfully designed toys from Tegu and Candylab. “As a designer, I’m very concerned with aesthetics,” says Bilbao Olazar. “I feel that most of the playgrounds for kids lack design and quality—they tend to include plastic toys in primary colors and poor quality materials. My vision was to create a beautiful place that kids and adults could enjoy.”

The second area is the kids’ play area, called Tinyland, complete with a ball pit, a slide, and a small stage. There is also a studio space where kids can work on art projects and take classes. The rear zone is the co-working space outfitted with Scandinavian office furniture from Normann Copenhagen.  Working parents can take advantage of lighting-fast wifi, a device-charging station, and a soundproof phone booth.

Big and Tiny offers a membership for every working style, from a couple hours a week of work plus childcare (starting at $160 per month) to unlimited ($1,350 per month). They also offer a host of enrichment classes such as preschool prep, tumbling, music, and art. They even offer drop-in care and co-working passes and packages for those not sure if they are ready to commit.

Says Bilbao Olazar, “At Big and Tiny, kids not only play but they learn as well. We keep them stimulated with age-appropriate activities and classes. That way, you can get work done while your kids are socializing, and learning. We are offering an enriching experience while you get some time for yourself.”

Peep some pics of the dreamy space below and get more info here.





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