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Photography by Nicki Sebastian
Mother Stories

Meet Brandi Sellerz-Jackson: Mom of Three, Doula, and Joy Personified

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Nicki Sebastian

If there is anyone we would want by our side during childbirth, guiding and supporting us through that monumental countdown to official motherhood, we are pretty sure it’s Brandi Sellerz-Jackson. The L.A.–based mama of three radiates confidence and kindness, and so is perfectly matched to her career as a birth and postpartum doula. And did we mention her style? Brandi not only has an eye for unique pieces, but an instinct for how to wear them that makes her stand out from the crowd. But she also proves true the old adage: everything looks better with a smile. And Brandi’s is electric. We can only guess it’s a big part of the secret sauce that makes her home life so sweet. Her L.A. bungalow is literally exploding with life: current residents include her musician husband Jon, their three beautiful boys—Jax, 12, Jedi, 3, and Jupiter, 8 months—and their 45 potted plants. She graciously invited us over for a tour, and opened up about everything from raising kind and gentle men, to the importance of talking about miscarriages, to why the present political moment may be shocking to white people, but not to her. Read the full interview (and peep all those amazing plants!) by clicking through the full slideshow below.

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