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10 Sanity-Saving Products For Camping With Kids

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Bleubird

Got a family camping trip on the horizon? Whether you’re a tent-pitching pro or total newbie, a few camping-with-kids pointers from a mama whose been there (multiple times) can’t hurt. Which brings us to Kristin Galmarini, a mother of two and owner of label and shop Neve + Hawk. Here, she shares 10 essential, sanity-saving products (many which she stocks at her new San Anselmo flagship) that’ll help make your next outdoor adventure with the kiddos an extra-fun one.

Bugzooka: “You might laugh, but this amazing gadget has saved my marriage and my kids’ love for the outdoors. We have one in our home and one in our camper for those times when the critters get into the tent. It safely catches bugs and allows you to release them back into the wilderness where they belong. Bonus: Once a bug is caught, you can study it in the clear top of the gadget, making learning about bugs fun and easy.”

Poler Nap Sack: “This amazing sleeping bag by the uber-cool company Poler, out of Portland, allows you to wear your sleeping bag as well as sleep in it. It is perfect for nighttime potty duty or groggy morning coffee time. You can completely close it to sleep and when you wake, just unzip the arm holes and cinch the bottom. The best part: The size small can fit a child by tucking under and cinching it.”

Poler Mega Cooler: “This cooler can fit 18 beers, a family picnic, or a full SLR camera set-up. The inside compartments velcro out for many configuration options, making it easy to even store breast milk when on the run. Plus, the colors are perfection.”

Baby Powder: “From living at the beach for the past 13 years, I have learned a very important life hack—baby powder takes off sand and dirt magically. It dries it out, making it flake right off. Pack two little bottles and keep one in the car and one by the front entrance to your tent. Have everyone use outside before they enter. This helps keep your space sand- and dirt-free.”

Rubbermaid Bins: “A large Rubbermaid storage bin is perfect for washing dishes at the campsite. We bring two, one for soapy water and one for clean water. We wash in the soapy and dip in clean to rinse. Super easy. We also use for the kids if we give them a quick ‘camp shower.’ If they are standing in it, their feet do not get muddy or dirty when we wash and rinse them. One of my friends even used her bin for a bassinet for her 8-month-old son. There are so many uses! They are also perfect for carrying blankets and towels to the site.”

Gathre Mat: “These are easily wipeable leather mats great for any kind of activity—a picnic, beach day, crafts, etc. They are so beautiful and functional and can be easily rolled or folded for travel. We take ours everywhere and find them perfect for almost all situations.”

Pudgie Pie Maker: “You can make all sorts of yummy sandwiches over the campfire—including s’more sandwiches—with this tool. Melted deliciousness awaits!”

Chemex: “For yummy and necessary coffee on those brisk camp mornings.”

Headlamps and Glow Sticks: “Kids love both of these, which works well since not only is light needed after dark, but it makes it super easy to find your child.”

Hog Wild Reel Roaster: “This marshmallow or hot dog roaster has been tested for safety and durability and is recommended for kids. It is portable, easy to use, and comes with a detachable skewer for easy clean-up. It extends to 27” with a reel, so kids do not have to put their hands near the fire. We have made some of the best s’mores of our lives with this gadget. Our kids love them and so do we!”

Have some camping-with-kids essentials you can’t do without? Please share them in the comments below!

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