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Photography by Celia D. Luna
Mother Stories

At Home With Miami Mom & Photographer Celia D. Luna

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Celia D. Luna

With so much to fight for and so many hard realities to face these days, we will take our small celebrations whenever we can. Today, after months of not being able to send our trusted photographers into the field to shoot our signature Mother profiles, we have a stunner of a story for you, shot by an incredibly talented mama and photographer who has spent some of her shelter-in-place time taking some of the most beautiful self-portraits we have laid eyes on. Celia D. Luna is a visual artist who specializes in fashion and portrait photography. Born in Peru, she grew up immersed in the Andean folklore and traditions of rural Peru, and moved to Miami as a teenager. Today she lives with her 15-year-old daughter, Luna, in a colorful, personality-filled abode in Little Havana. Celia turned the camera on herself and her daughter for this inspiring profile, and the love shared by this mama-daughter duo is apparent in every shot. Click through the slideshow below to get a tour of their Miami home, and get to know more about this fabulous pair.

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