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Fall Goals: Purging Our Closets

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by James Kicinski-McCoy

Some say the year begins in January, but for mothers—especially those with school-aged children—fall feels like the real reset button, with new consistent schedules set in play and a change in pace for all. With the changing of the season (and a switch from tank-top weather to cozy knits) we think there’s no better time to purge your closet of the items you don’t really love or wear.

Need help cutting the clutter? You can always use the now-famous Marie Kondo method: Hold the item in your hand. Does it spark joy? If not, thank it for its role in your life, and set it aside to pass on to the next person. Cheesy? Possibly. Highly effective? We’re told so!

And this is where Crossroads’ Sell By Mail bag comes in. Simply request a bag here, and the buy-sell-trade shop (one of our favorite places to score fashion on the cheap!) will send it to your home free of charge. When requesting your bag(s), you can select “cash” or “trade” depending on if you want Crossroads to cut a check or give you store credit for all the items the retailer accepts (you’ll get 35% cash or 50% trade credit). Any clothes that Crossroads doesn’t take will be donated to a charity, or returned to you for a small $8 fee.

In essence, you can streamline your closet, while earning a little money (or store credit) while you’re at it. What you do with that cash/credit is up to you, but refreshing our style each season is always top of mind for us. Yes, we know it means putting a few new items into a freshly purged closet. But if you use the cyclical “sell, shop, repeat” method that Crossroads touts, you’ll always end up with a wardrobe that you love, filled with exciting new items and oldies but goodies. Who’s with us? Get started here.


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