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Your December 2017 Horoscope

Written by Christie Craft


December is upon us, which means it’s our last round of horoscopes for 2017. Take a peek at our general overview right here, before clicking into your sign and revealing your personal forecast below. -JKM 

December coasts away from existing as a faraway calendar page and into present reality, feeling more like a mirage than a month. While many may be eager to cap off a strange, hectic year with an easy attitude, December demands more from each sign than we may be prepared to give. Don’t fret, though: You won’t need to pay the price with a pound of flesh. Consider the last month of 2017 a soul cleanse. Spent resources are tapped, expired elements that are no longer needed or effective are filtered out, and recycled into more nourishing spiritual fuel.

All this renovating will kick up a haze of confusion early in the month, revealing just how shockingly cluttered the darkest corners of your life have become. Destroying the negative buildup is a disorienting, sometimes crazy-making task, but the secret to powering through this hard work is accepting this phase’s purely temporary nature. The refusal to surrender under fear will be rewarded for years to come, potentially impacting the course of your entire life. And, like any extreme makeover worth its while, by New Year’s, you may not even recognize yourself.

A Full Moon in perplexing Gemini coincides with Mercury’s three-week backtrack on December 3, throwing each sign completely off course. Neptune, watery planet of illusion and the subconscious, squares up harshly with Mother Moon, further obscuring reality and cloaking the atmosphere in a nebulous mantle. Mercury is the Twins’ ruling planet as well as the cosmic governor of communication and technology, making this lunation doubly troublesome. Misunderstandings and disagreements will flourish all month, but especially near Luna’s apex. Stalling important negotiations and contract signings until Merc finally straightens out later on will behoove all 12 signs, however re-evaluating or renewing past and existing agreements is typically favored during retrograde.

A sense of abandonment and a complete loss of direction relating to your life’s work and personal goals may leave you feeling invisible, mute, or misunderstood through the first weeks of the month. Whether or not that’s a fact is unimportant; now’s the time to accept your responsibility in actively shaping your reality, divinity, and destiny. Perception is powerful and will become real with enough time and energy. Nosing out negative attitudes and destroying debilitating thought patterns will be unavoidable. Clinging to self-depreciation will be devastatingly harmful moving forward, leaving you empty and frail.

Mars, aggressive planet of action and drive, will penetrate Scorpio on December 9, remaining in the commander’s seat until late January 2018. Mars is Scorpio’s dual planetary ruler, putting the Red Planet right at home and conjuring a dynamic bulk of willpower to conquer vital goals, transforming dreams into reality. Clarity of mind and reality begins to come into focus as the confusion evaporates in the optimism of a Sagittarius New Moon on December 18, days before Mercury (who’s also been stationed in Sag) returns to a forward course on December 22. On December 28, Neptune and Mars will be in perfect trine, stoking the flames of fantastic pleasures and deep sexual healing—the perfect treat to keep warm in winter’s depths.

Amid a month thick with potent astrological activity, Saturn, tough-love planet of discipline and maturity, will transit out of Sagittarius—where he’s been hanging out for the last two and a half years—and into Capricorn on December 19. Saturn’s natural position is in Capricorn, a vital symbol of the positive, productive energy the Ringed Planet wants you to harness. Being one of the grouchier planets, stickler Saturn likes to move at his own slow pace, with plans to occupy this position for a good three years. Until December 2020, Saturn will ensure that each sign has ample opportunities to establish solid life foundations, tackling worldly ambitions and lofty goals. Follow Saturn’s guidelines, focus on greater efficiency, be mindful of authority figures, and prioritize your physical health. Work smarter, not harder in 2018.

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