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December 2023 Horoscopes


Written by Christie Craft

Photography by Luke Gram

“To grow up costs the earth, the earth. It means you take responsibility for the time you take up, for the space you occupy. It’s serious business. And you find out what it costs us to love and to lose, to dare and to fail.” —Maya Angelou

Blind spots are baited with the sweet perfume of distraction’s nectar through the last bustling month of the year. December finds the mind dwelling elsewhere from the heart, wandering distant miles from our guts. Confusion tempts us into tangles as a bid for self-medicating through discomfort. The deeper you’re drawn into the dense forest of unconsciousness, the more disconnected your movements become, like Sagittarius’ arrow gone wobbly from its target trajectory. (Everyone knows that the point is never the point with Saggitarian arrows.) Still, if you’re not careful, December’s unconscious tendencies and behaviors might accidentally smash your New Year’s toast into bits. 

Staying on track this month requires responsibility, which in turn, is born from conscious maturity. Some things in life are beyond our control, and a level of equal discord is expected as December careens into January. The best outcome of unintended unraveling is being given the chance to re-make it however you want it, whatever “it” is. Getting through with certain intention is growing up, isn’t it? Unholy calamity veils your higher self’s genius grandmastering the chessboard of your life. 

Like ore or oil, dense riches of truth are found in the veins beneath the deepest layers of experience this month with Venus traversing Scorpio from December 4 onward. But all that glitters is not gold, and the loose optimism of December 12’s Sagittarius new moon risks a Pollyannaish naivete. Mercury turns retrograde on December 13, jamming up our best-laid plans and fumbling our most nimble communiques until January 1. A Cancer full moon on December 26 watercolors the holidays with a swelling need for emotional security, especially within our families, homes, and closest circles.

December Legend:

December 1: Mercury enters Capricorn
December 4: Venus enters Scorpio
December 6: Neptune stations direct in Pisces
December 12: New Moon in Sagittarius
December 13: Mercury stations retrograde
December 21: The Sun enters Capricorn
December 23: Mercury (in retrograde) enters Sagittarius
December 26: Full Moon in Cancer
December 29: Venus enters Sagittarius

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Aries - Wide-Angle Lens

March 21 – April 19

You’ve come a long way, baby, but reflecting on this year’s achievements could leave you yearning for more. You’re not done reaching for that rainbow, and your horizons are ever-expanded by your imagination, as articulated by a Sagittarius new moon on December 12. But it’s not all pie in the sky. Mercury stations retrograde on December 13 in your career sector, giving you some quiet winter weeks to devise a solid plan for success.

Whatever you’re planning to accomplish in 2024, if it doesn’t make dollars it won’t make sense to you this month. Venus transits the part of your chart associated with transformation and sharing, reflecting the importance of collaboration in relationships. The value an alliance brings to your life—whether emotionally, sexually, or financially—matters.

Warm and fuzzy vibrations descend on your household during the end-of-month holidays, but not without a side of family drama. A Cancer full moon on December 26 could have you reaching for the tissues after hearing some emotionally charged news from a relative. This lunation could also grant you intuition and confidence to make a big decision regarding your home.

Taurus - Responsible Party

April 20 – May 20

Fresh habits bring fresh possibilities into the new year, and December is rife with motivation to change. A Sagittarius new moon on December 12 sets the tone for long-term shifts in your finances—but with a heavy dose of patience and attention to the fine print. Relationships make all the difference this month, too, with Venus transiting your partnership zone. But again, go slowly with any agreements and mind those details closely. Mercury stations retrograde on December 13.

A Cancer full moon on December 26 could bring touchy subjects to the fore, especially with your siblings and close relations. Keep the holidays light and breezy, if possible. Otherwise, you may feel like curling up at home with a good book—or spilling ink on the beginning pages of your tell-all memoir!

Gemini - Lay Low

May 21 – June 20

Relationships are powerful connectors in creating your future, but you’ll want to tread gingerly into any new alliances this month. A Sagittarius new moon sizzles in your partnership sector on December 12, but beware of any promises that sound too good to be true. Mercury retrograde begins on December 13, so hold off on inking any deals until January, if possible.

Both love and money run hot and cold this month. A Cancer full moon floods the scene with a deluge of drama on December 26. The valves on an income stream could turn your cash flow into a trickle. Stash away a good-sized nest egg and try to lay low and under budget until the new year.

Cancer - Yesterday's Ghosts

June 21 – July 22

December is watercolored with immense emotional sensitivity and the potential for things to go a bit haywire. The art of love is incredibly touch-and-go with Venus supercharging your romance sector. Creativity and romance seem to flourish, but what looks like bedroom eyes might actually be the green-eyed monster. Jealousy and even a possessive nature could sour your intimate relationships bitterly.

Unhealthy dynamics may be more apparent during the Sagittarius new moon on December 12. Clarity is hard to come by with the clouds of Mercury retrograde swirling on December 13. Skeletons from your past—and more than a few toxic exes—parade out of your most private closet. A past life might seem tempting amid the chaos, but don’t forget about your future.

The intensity of your feelings could be compounded by a Cancer full moon on December 26. Though your emotional current may be brutally strong, the undertow doesn’t have to drown you. Not all feelings are facts, but rather data points that can help you find clarity about what to do next.

Leo - Blind Spots

July 23 – August 22

Your lion’s heart may swell to such an enormous size, that you may miss some critical blind spots throughout the month. A Sagittarius new moon on December 12 stokes a thirst to start anew in love. But don’t fall too hard, because all is not what it necessarily seems: Smoke gets in your eyes with Mercury turning retrograde on December 13.

Obscured vision isn’t only true for matters of the heart this December. An unexpected career shift might result in a tantalizing offer from a former colleague, employer, or client. Read between the lines, and if possible, delay your decision until the new year.

Cuddling up at home makes for cozy holiday plans during a Cancer full moon on December 26. You may feel emotionally exhausted from all of December’s drama by now and simply need to turn off the lights for an early bedtime!

Virgo - In Tangles

August 23 – September 22

Fresh starts are December’s guarantee, but you’ll have to fight for them. How you live with your family is top of mind and a Sagittarius new moon on December 12 hints at a big decision regarding your domestic life. Though you may be itching for change, getting on the same page as your partner, relatives, or housemates might be murky business.

On December 13, Mercury retrograde begins, tangling communication like frayed wires. But perhaps worse are ghosts of your past materializing—particularly exes. Reconciliation could be a tempting consideration, but a confusing one. Leaning on your friends for solace and honest feedback could be just the ticket, especially near the Cancer full moon on December 26.

Libra - Holding the Bag

September 23 – October 22

Finances finally begin to stabilize this month, but not without some disagreement. Venus, your ruling planet, brings roses to your income sector from December 4 onward, with something like a raise or a new side hustle. At the same time, your partner—whether intimate or a business partner—may be irresponsibly spending. A serious conversation is in order near the new moon on December 12, but you may not get very far in understanding each other with Mercury stationing retrograde on December 13. You may be left holding the bag as the responsible party this month, which could be a great motivator. A Cancer full moon on December 26 signals a spotlight position at work.

Scorpio - Practical Magic

October 23 – November 21

Confidence is the key to opening locked doors this month. Venus enters your sign on December 4, giving you a serious edge in powers of persuasion. Use this practical magic wisely and timely. A golden opportunity to bolster your income is yours for the taking during a Sagittarius new moon on December 12. And though this could be life-changing, carefully review contracts and agreements once Mercury turns retrograde on December 13.

The end of the month sees an emotional evolution that could require more rest and internal reflection time. A Cancer full moon on December 26 signals the close of a long period of discomfort before the emergence of a new era. Be ready to close the door on less-evolved versions of yourself—including old habits and thought patterns.

Sagittarius - Self-Improvement

November 22 – December 21

Personal development is your priority over all else in your season of power. Venus takes a step backward into the shadows this month, gently pointing to past heartaches and unresolved hurt. Addressing these wounds can help make great strides toward cultivating self-love—and possibly preparing your heart for new loves next year.

Adding to the potency of your glow-up from the inside out is a new moon in your sign on December 12. This is an excellent moment to initiate an endeavor that completely honors your authenticity. Still, not everyone may get it. Mercury retrograde begins on December 13, potentially bringing naysayers and haters out of the woodwork.

By the end of the month, you have a good understanding of what you’re worth. Though your values may continue to evolve into the new year, a Cancer full moon on December 26 encourages you to review your budget—and perhaps raise your rates.

Capricorn - Silver and Gold

December 22 – January 19

Finely cultivated friendships are something to admire and continue adding to, like a collection of silver and gold. And you’ll have plenty of opportunity to tend to your social life this month with Venus in your friendship sector. The chance to take a connection out of the friend zone may also arise.

Pay attention to your dreams and gut feelings around the new moon on December 12. Be wary of mistakes you normally wouldn’t fall for—Mercury stations retrograde on December 13. Haste will certainly make waste, so take your time.

On December 26, a full moon in tender Cancer makes appreciating your nearest and dearest easy as pie. Seeing their support in action undoubtedly bonds you closer. Engagements and steps toward solidifying commitment are expected.

Aquarius - Big Hype

January 20 – February 18

Your career prospects might be the merriest thing about this month, Aquarius. With Venus gussying up your career sector from December 4 onward, it’ll be easy to hype up your skills to influential VIPs. A friendly Sagittarius new moon on December 12 encourages you to join social groups or organizations connected to your passions or profession. Simply mingling is a powerful tool for getting ahead and ultimately creating a joyful life.

Whatever you do, listen with both ears this month. Mercury begins its regular retrograde on December 13, turning communication into a tangled mess. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, a Cancer full moon on December 26 might put the breaks on holiday plans and demand you take a time out in the comfort of home. To avoid catastrophic burnout, try not to over-schedule yourself as this busy month progresses. Keep it light!

Pisces - Leap of Faith

February 19 – March 20

Certain career aspirations may haunt you, but when it comes to the seemingly unattainable, faith is a key ingredient to success. On December 12, a Sagittarius new moon articulates a bright opportunity to realize a major professional goal, but it’ll take a leap of faith on your part. It’s now or never, Pisces.

Many beloved old friends emerge from Mercury retrograde’s fog after December 13, creating a bustling—and distracting!—social atmosphere. Connecting intimately is highly favored by a Cancer full moon on December 26. Radical vulnerability deepens all love, whether that be with partners, friends, family, or simply yourself. How you present your authenticity is an art form.

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