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Meet Dodo Banana, Our New Mama-Founded PJ Obsession!

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photos courtesy of Dodo Banana

Is there a sweeter symbol of childhood than the classic two-piece pajama set? More than just another wardrobe staple, kids’ PJs represent all the most magical parts of being young—watching morning cartoons, building forts out of sofa cushions, and making pancakes with Mickey Mouse ears. And we are over the moon about these brand new jammies, launched today (!!) by a pair of mamas with a commitment to quality and a knack for dreaming up the prettiest prints. Dodo Banana is the new biz baby of friends and collaborators Alessandra Olanow and Fiona Montgomery. An artist and designer respectively, the mamas met over a decade ago and immediately connected over a mutual aesthetic admiration for Alex’s thoughtful, conversational illustrations (which have graced MOTHER’s “pages”) and Fiona’s beloved Nolita design shop, Thomas Sires. Fast forward to today (past marriages, births, cross-country moves, divorces, and all the other stuff that can happen in ten years) and the official birthday of Dodo Banana—a line of organic pima cotton PJs featuring prints of sleepy bananas, dancing fries with smiling shakes, and animals in space (not to mention a super cool Skate Park print created in collaboration with Los Angeles–based artist and illustrator Mary Matson). Click through the slideshow below to see all the dreamy prints and find out more from Brooklyn-based Alessandra and San Francisco–based Fiona on why PJs are their passion.

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  1. lisa says...

    obsessed with these PJ’s!!! So cute and soft!!!!! Best holiday gift.

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