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Screen Time

5 Toddler Sites & Apps Worth The Screen Time

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

As much as we parents may try to keep our kids away from the digital world, let’s face it, sometimes it’s incredibly helpful to have something that can grab your tots attention for twenty-ish minutes here and there. Whether you’re making dinner for the family, you need to hop on that important conference call while working from home, or are in desperate need of a quick shower, sometimes a little distraction can be extremely helpful.

When it comes to searching for child-friendly websites and apps, it can be difficult to sift through the many frivolous and non-educational options and find those hidden gems that are actually beneficial to your always-learning toddler. We’re sharing five mom-approved sites and apps that are the perfect balance of safe, scholastic, and entertainment that both you and your child are sure to love.

ABCMouse.com: ABC Mouse is an online toddler educational platform geared toward building a strong foundation to help your kids succeed in pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school. Your child can play academic games, read or listen to books and music, and color all within a safe online environment. As parents, you’re able to track your child’s progress as they navigate their way through various levels. ABCMouse.com, $7.95/month.

Toca Boca: Self-defined as a “play studio,” Toca Boca creates digital toys with one goal in mind: to play! No rules, no levels, and no fixed outcomes. The company believes in having fun and learning through stimulating the imagination. With over 30 creative and engaging apps, there are endless possibilities of play for both you and your child to enjoy together. If you’re not quite sure where to start, we love Toca Blocks, Toca Nature, and Toca Hair Salon. Toca Boca, Apps from $0-$2.99.

PBS Kids: With faces your child is sure to recognize (like Arthur and Elmo) as well as a few new ones, PBS Kids is a classic and top-trusted site for your tot’s entertainment. Here kids are able to play age-appropriate, educational games in subjects such as reading, math, and spelling. You can also download e-books and coloring pages for your children to enjoy sans screen. PBSKids.org, Free.

Agnitus: This award-winning curriculum-based platform that you and your child can access from your desktop, iPad, and iPhone app is specifically designed for kids in preschool up to third grade. The software helps your children master a wide variety of learning skills from counting to colors to matching. As parents, you always have access to a skill report that tracks your child’s progress. Agnitus, $6.99/month.

Scholastic: We all remember those colorful book order forms that were sent home with us when we were kids, and true to Scholastic’s form, its website offers a wide variety of engaging entertainment centered around reading. The site is broken down into segments that cater to both younger kids (ages 3-7) and older kids (ages 8-12.) Select one of many stories to read from the library, play games, and print various pages for non-digital entertainment. Scholastic, Free.

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