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5 Mommy-And-Me Meals To Whip Up This Fall

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by James Kicinski-McCoy.

Some moms raise their children in hopes that they’ll become just like them. Others strive for the exact opposite. Regardless of whether your parenting style falls into the first category or the latter, once your little one progresses past the stage of milk, it’s always a special treat (for both you and your babe) to expose them to the same delicious, nutritious food combos that you eat on a daily basis. With that in mind, we’ve created five colorful, scrumptious, and often fall-forward meals that pair effortlessly with the unique flavor profiles of Plum Organics® brand-new Baby Bowls. Mama can prepare herself a quick, but vibrant salad for dinner, or step up her morning breakfast routine with instant oats or a bowl of warm spiced porridge. Meanwhile, your baby can enjoy a rich mix of flavors like mango-carrot-turmericapple-blackberry-oat, and pumpkin-banana-papaya-cardamom. The following dishes for you, inspired by your mini’s Baby Bowls, are quite healthy and taste so good, you’ll find yourself making them again and again. Bon appétit!

This post is brought to you by Mother + Plum Organics®.

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