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5 Family Breakfast Options For Hectic Mornings

Written by Sarah Waldman

Photography by Photographed by Sarah Waldman

If you caught last week’s article “Start The Day With A Healthy Breakfast—No Fail,” you’ll love our follow-up from recipe developer and author of Feeding a Family: A Real-Life Plan for Making Dinner Work, Sarah Waldman. Here, the kitchen-savvy mama shares her family’s go-to morning meals. All of which are made with whole foods and can be prepared the night before, over the weekend, or after school for the next day. Whether eaten at home before jetting out the door (since the cooking is already done—score!), gobbled down at the bus stop, packed into a lunchbox, or enjoyed by mom or dad after an early workout, these healthy breakfasts will ensure everyone is full, satisfied, and starting the day with a dose of healthy energy and a smile!

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