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Get Obsessed: The Fashion Dads of Instagram

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Via Instagram/Fashiondads_

Need a few laughs to get you through hump day? Coming right up, in the form of hilarious new Instagram account @fashiondads_. Launched just two weeks ago and featuring a mere 20 images (including one dad-dancing-to-Michael-Jackson video), the feed already has 43,000 followers. And we’re guessing that number will have grown by the time you read this! Yep, it seems cringe-worthy dad fashion is the stuff of viral internet gold.

One of our favorite images and over-hashtagged, over-emoji’ed captions:
Footwear is so important to complete any look. I love my 2009 #NewBalances for both #style and #comfort with my relaxed fit #LeeJeans. #FabFootwear #Lebron #PracticalStyle #WinterWhite #FreshAndTight #DenimDiva #GeorgeClooney #ComfortComesFirst #PersonalStyle #SearsSpecial #ThoseHardwoodsTho #FashionDads

Lots of quizzically paired, ill-fitting clothing follows, as does plenty of dad jeans and those ubiquitous white dad socks. Think your papa (or baby daddy) fits the bill? Send his picture over to [email protected] for a chance at fashiondad_ stardom.

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