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California Mama Valerie Metz On Life & Play At Home

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Lyndsey Yeomans

When we first ran across Valerie Metz’s vibrant Instagram feed (a.k.a. @mammafolk), we were drawn in by her mesmerizing use of bold colors (especially the countless shades of cheery yellow) and stellar vintage style. But now that we’ve gotten to know the California-based creative and mama of two better, we’re equally inspired by her commitment to raising her children (Hendrix, 3 1/2, and Rio, 11 months) in a conscious way. Plus, the way she’s been able to find silver linings in such a turbulent time.

The combo of all of these aspects—plus her really adorable kiddos—made Valerie the ideal mom to have our final Fat Brain Toys play date with! This time around, we surprised the darling family with a variety of brainy, boldly hued toys that are perfect for babies and preschoolers and look great scattered about the home.

This includes The Sweep, Scrub, & Shine Cleaning Set (Hendrix’s favorite) for little around-the-house helpers, Personalized Name Puzzles that make the best gifts, the colorful Rainbow Arches Stack and Play game (Rio’s fave), and so many other great toys that engage little hands and boost growing minds. Check them all out below, as we discuss everything from at-home learning to quarantine takeaways to Valerie’s love-filled (and Bratz-filled!) upbringing in our candid interview.

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This article is brought to you by Mother x Fat Brain Toys.

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