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35 Holiday Gifts For New & Expecting Moms

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

The holidays are suddenly right around the corner—which means our beloved Holiday Gift Guides are finally here! First up, a bunch of sweet gift ideas for new mamas and expecting mothers. From edible comforts (wine, tea, chocolate) and cozy wares, to personalized photo books and jewelry and the most beautiful glider—check 'em out! Denim Jacket Duo Ingrid & Isabel

Top Picks

Velvet Rocking Chair

Crate & Kids

Let's face it—new mamas spend a lot of time rocking and snuggling babies (at all hours of the day and night). A comfortable rocking chair or glider is an essential for the first few years of motherhood.

This beautiful version (and another option below) are attractive enough to grow with your child or be moved to another room in the house once the rocker days are over.

Dried Bouquet


A beautiful bouquet is always a welcome gift. Why not make it one that'll last forever?

The California-based company Idlewild makes gorgeous dried bouquets in a variety of sizes and color palettes to suit your taste and budget.

Plus, they've got an inspiring selection of vases to pair your arrangements with, and expertly curated gift boxes (including for new mamas).

Personalized Photo Book

Paper Culture

If you're a new parent, we already know that as soon as your baby is sleeping—you're gonna be scrolling through your phone to pore over a gazillion pictures of said baby.

Why not make it an analog experience by putting your baby pics in a custom keepsake book, full of favorite moments.

This option by Photo Culture is easy to create, and starts at an unbeatable $20.

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    Am so excited about this, am a new mom and this my first child as well, can’t wait 🥰🎊🎉

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